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Pay with Red Hawk Dollars

Employees can pay for Health Center services with Red Hawk Dollars

Faculty/Staff: Add some bucks to your Red Hawk Dollar Account to pay for your services such as flu shot at the University Health Center.

Maximize your ZZZs

Maximize Your ZZZs:

“Fall Back” Weekend


November 2rd ends DST and the clocks are pushed back one hour the night beforehand.  This time change provides and extra hour of sleep; but getting used to shorter days and longer, cooler nights can be tough for many people.  The time change can be disruptive to sleep patterns causing headaches, drowsiness, stress and accidents.  Tips for proper sleep habits include:

  • Maintain your regular bedtime Saturday night or go to bed one hour earlier
  • Avoid screen time at least one hour before bedtime
  • Exercise no later than two to three hours before bedtime
  • Increase exposure to natural light during the day for an hour or two
  • Maintain usual bedtime routine

Take advantage of the end of DST (Daylight Savings Time) by adding the extra hour to your sleep schedule.  Give yourself a bonus hour!  Go to bed an hour earlier, but don’t wake up an hour earlier the next day. Maintain your healthy diet, your exercise routine and usual sleep routine. Before long you’ll be used to the change!