Two students studying together.

Academic Development

The Academic Success Center(ASC) offers learning support programs to assure high-quality services to Montclair State University students. The quality learning is centered on the student as an individual. Therefore, ASC continues to construct a body of work focused on the academic needs of a rapidly growing student population.

The Center, certified by The College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), provides tutoring, supplemental instruction and academic development services. Furthermore, the national and international professional standards set by The CRLA are maintained through the application of innovative learning theories, tutoring practices, and cross-cultural training programs.

ASC is dedicated to providing an environment that promotes learning and professional growth where students and tutors work together in reaching their academic goals. The individual and group tutoring sessions are offered in most academic areas by master and peer tutors who have excelled in their particular subject areas and have been recommended by faculty. All tutors receive training on effective study strategies and tutoring techniques to best assist students.