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Assessment & Testing

Note Regarding Placement Testing for Incoming Students: Montclair State University is committed to the safety and well being of our students, faculty, and staff. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, placement testing has been postponed at this time.The Academic Success Center will be providing additional information in early to mid April regarding placement testing requirements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The Academic Success Center (ASC) coordinates all assessment and evaluation procedures associated with Placement Testing; students are placed into appropriate courses in English and mathematics after a review of their academic records. All students must demonstrate proficiencies in reading and elementary algebra which are compatible with the successful performance of college-level work. The Montclair State University placement requirement provides for the demonstration of such proficiencies through available SAT/ACT scores, achievement in high school courses, or the assessment of these skills upon entry to the University and, if necessary, enrollment in particular remedial or developmental courses to develop requisite skills. Montclair State University administers the ACCUPLACER as a placement test in reading and mathematics.

The ASC also administers the Chemistry Readiness Test. In addition, the ASC coordinates its services with English as a Second Language and offers test proctoring services for non-Montclair State students.