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Academic Support Center

About Us

The Academic Support Center (ASC) offers Tutoring ServicesSupplemental Instruction and learning support to Montclair State students in collaboration with academic and administrative departments, as well as the Assessment of freshmen and some transfer students for course placement.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  • Enhance student academic experience and success by providing appropriate assessment and fostering active learning.

Our Mission

  • Provide comprehensive learning support programs to encourage academic excellence and help students acquire skills to become independent learners.
  • Offer a cohesive system of evaluation that incorporates placement into English reading, writing and mathematics employing multiple criteria to meet the needs of the University for optimal assessment; serve as an efficient proctoring site for internal and external testing.


ASC Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and Workshops Available Online!


The the Academic Support Center is excited to offer tutoring online for the Fall 2020 semester!

As part of the ongoing effort to coordinate academic services for students, the Academic Support Center is proud to offer tutoring through the Navigate platform!

Follow the steps below to set up a tutoring appointment:

  • Search for Navigate on the homepage. Click on the Navigate link and log into Navigate with your NetID and Password.
  • Click on the blue “Make an appointment” button on the right-hand side of the web page.

  • From the first drop down menu, please select “Academic Support”
  • Depending on the service type (course specific tutoring, general subject tutoring, academic coaching, etc.) and subject (Course Name) you are looking for, please select one of the options in the content  drop down menu.  
    Quick guide to service types - which is right for you?
    What Service Type is best for you?
    Service Type Description Best for Example
    Course Specific Tutoring Match a tutor to a specific class Appointments and popular classes. First choice for content specific support. You take BIOL 112 and select the class to see which tutors have also taken BIOL 112 and can help
    General Subject Tutoring Select a tutor in a content area who may not have taken the class but has knowledge surrounding the content. Students looking for appointments who cannot find a course specific tutor, wants a tutor faster and knows details of what they are looking for help with.  You are in HIST 118 and need help formulating an essay. You see no HIST 118 course specific tutors so you select a humanities or writing general tutor and describe your needs for an appointment.
    Supplemental Instruction Walk In content based support with a tutor directly connected to your class Students not looking for appointments and either have a quick question or want to stay and review for the full session. You are in MATH 112 and had a tutor attend your class and want to ask a question about a problem discussed in class. 
    Academic Coaching A meeting with a tutor trained outside course content but the overall success skills Students who are unsure how to improve or where to start, if you struggle with things like time management, studying and more You leave all of your classes trying to write down word for word your professors comments and feel you have learned nothing from class.
  •  Once the appropriate content area or subject is selected you can then select a specific tutor or choose all available times.
  • Select a time that matches your schedule and complete the appointment form providing detailed information on what you would like to meet with the tutor about. Please be as specific as possible so the tutor may prepare for your appointment. 
  • If you have trouble finding a “Course Specific” tutor for your class, please go back to service type and select the “General” tutoring for that content area.

Once you complete the steps above, you will receive a confirmation for the tutoring appointment which will include a zoom link. Please sign into the appointment using the zoom link 5 minutes before the start of your appointment. Once you sign in you will be in a zoom waiting room and your tutor will let you into the meeting.

If you have any questions, please call 973-655-5425, email, or speak to someone instantly during business hours via live chat!

Supplemental Instruction:

Currently, Supplemental Instruction (SI) is not available for scheduling through Navigate. Our full Supplemental Instruction Schedule can be found by accessing the following document: Supplemental Instruction Schedule  you may need to log into your Montclair State University google account to view the document.   

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