We seek primarily to treat teaching as serious intellectual work that is as important as the research that faculty members produce, and to think of college courses as windows on the way professors define and practice their disciplines and inter-disciplines.

If we think of teaching as fostering learning, then we realize that it depends on discussions of (1) what it means to learn, (2) how best to cultivate that learning, (3) how teachers and students can best understand the progress of that learning, and (4) how teachers can measure their contributions to that learning. The first is an epistemological inquiry grounded in the nature of our intellectual work. The second, third, and fourth can benefit from the considerable and growing body of research and theoretical literature on how humans learn, how we assess that learning, and how we best foster it.

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The Research Academy for University Learning promotes an ongoing conversation about teaching and learning issues, striving both to facilitate that discussion and to contribute to it intellectually...

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