Engaged Teaching Fellows Program

Program Intent
The Engaged Teaching Fellows Program is part of our ongoing commitment to cultivating the best of both teaching and research. The Engaged Teaching Fellows Program includes faculty participants from all colleges and schools, in recognition that learning occurs throughout campus and encouraging deep learning requires a holistic approach to student learning. Engaged learning is defined as a process in which students are active participants in learning rather than passive recipients of information. It can include contemplative pedagogy, creative teaching and learning, technology, service-learning, community-based research, interdisciplinary and integrative student-involved pedagogies that create opportunities for learning beyond lectures and seminars. This Program focuses on important teaching and learning theories and research, while helping participants to apply these ideas and findings to their own teaching. Our aim is to transform the way faculty understand human learning and the ways they can work together to create learning opportunities for students and encourages collaboration across campus and within the community. It recognizes and supports the significant and long-term contributions that faculty members will make to Montclair State University.

How to Apply: Selection Procedures for Engaged Teaching Fellows
Faculty interested in becoming an Engaged Teaching Fellow should submit a letter of interest addressed to Director, Research Academy for University Learning, no later than March 12, 2018.  Supporting documentation should include:

  • A current vitae;
  • The candidate's statement on engaged teaching;
  • Written recommendations from the department chair and dean or department supervisor;
  • An example of an engaged learning project that the applicant has participated in (as a student, for example), observed, or an idea for an engaged learning activity that the applicant would like to investigate more through the program (this can be expressed in the teaching statement; does not need to be a separate document).
  • Optional: a list of potential faculty members (in or outside of your department or college), who can act as a mentor, involved in engaged learning with whom the candidate would like to work.

The Research Academy for University Learning, under the guidance of the Director and a selection committee, will review and select up to ten Engaged Teaching Fellow candidates and their selected mentors who best meet all the criteria set forth above, ensuring that at least one candidate is selected from each College/School to the extent that all criteria are otherwise met.

Mentors will be identified by one of two routes: they may be identified by the individual Engaged Teaching Fellow candidate as part of the application process, or, faculty may apply to become a Mentor. The Selection Committee, or their designee shall approve all individuals who serve as Mentors and shall maintain a list of University approved Mentors.

Selection Criteria for Mentors

  1. Interest in pursuing existing research on engaged teaching and learning
  2. Willingness to serve as a Mentor and to participate in each of the activities of the Engaged Teaching Fellows Program
  3. Commitment to excellent teaching, can include engaged learning, service-learning, experiential learning, or any other pedagogy with which the applicant would like to further investigate.

Selection Criteria for Engaged Teaching Fellows

  1. Demonstrating a balanced approach to student learning and research
  2. Displaying a commitment to the Learning University as a community that explores the learning of both faculty (research) and students (teaching), and the ways in which they can support one another
  3. Actively publishing and/or presenting in one's own discipline
  4. Interest and/or experience in engaged learning as defined above.

Selected candidates for the Engaged Teaching Fellow and Mentor positions will be notified in writing of their acceptance into the program by April 20, 2018.

Expectations for Participants
During the academic year, the Engaged Teaching Fellows Program will sponsor a series of seminars in which Fellows and Mentors will be expected to participate.

At an early juncture in the program, the Fellows and Mentors will participate in a two-to -three day retreat (day-long, no overnight stay), possibly held off campus.

At the end of the Spring semester, participants in the program will share their work in the Annual Showcase on University Learning and Teaching.

Each Fellow is expected to develop a syllabus for an existing course or a new course that represents the cumulative learning that has occurred as a result of his/her participation in the Engaged Teaching Fellows Program.

Participation in the Engaged Teaching Fellows Program is voluntary and no formal written evaluation of the individual's participation in the Program will be required.

Faculty participating as Engaged Teaching Fellows and Mentors will receive an honorarium of $1000.

Click here to access our frequently asked questions (opens as PDF): Engaged teaching fellows programs frequently asked questions document