Video Recording a Class for Observation

Faculty members can arrange for the Research Academy to videotape a class. This service offers faculty members and graduate teaching assistants an opportunity to examine their teaching closely, whether in the classroom, laboratory, lecture hall, or studio. A student technician, positioned in the back of the room, records the class using a small unobtrusive video camcorder and a wireless microphone. The technician usually focuses on the instructor but can also capture a record of student actions during class if instructed to do so. At the end of the class, the technician gives the recorded cassette to the teacher (ensuring that the professor will have complete control of it), along with a viewing guide prepared by the Research Academy. The instructor can ask a consultant from the Research Academy to view the tape or seek feedback from a colleague or view it alone. Instructors can also arrange for the Research Academy to videotape a practice lecture or discussion. Call the Research Academy for details.