Call for Contributions

The Research Academy for University Learning at Montclair State University is seeking contributions for a collection of reflective essays on teaching by established scholars and researchers. We envision this collection as a set of carefully crafted, scholarly reflections on teaching which can complement more quantitative forms of pedagogical research. All essays must address the following two questions: What do you expect your students to be able to do--intellectually, emotionally, or physically--as a result of having taken your courses? And how do you construct and conduct your courses to help and encourage your students to obtain that knowledge or develop those abilities? We especially invite contributions from teachers who have established scholarly credentials in their fields, and who have taken the time to reflect upon the evolving relationship between their research and their teaching, and upon how their research practices inform their answers to the above two questions. Potential contributors might consider, for example, teaching techniques and methods which they have developed as a result of their research into their own fields, positive and negative experiences teaching their research in the classroom, or instances when a problem or opportunity encountered in the classroom spurred a new direction for their research. In all essays contributors should ensure that they have both reflected sufficiently on their own experiences and offered some broader insight or wisdom to other teachers and scholars.