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Resources, Materials, and News from the 2013 University Teaching and Learning Showcase

Summary of Events

The Research Academy is pleased to offer this summary of events originating from the 4th Annual University Learning and Teaching Showcase held on May 3, 2013. Each program and session from the day is listed below, along with related materials, resources, videos, articles, and presenter information. Please contact the Research Academy for more information on contributing to future events, sharing resource material, or submitting an article for consideration to be published in our bi-annual newsletter and on our MSU Blog or our Teaching and Learning Blog.

Read All About It!

For a lively narrative capturing the creative and collaborative nature of the day, read Dr. Neil Baldwin's essay, "A Day in the Life." Dr. Baldwin is the Director of the Creative Research Center at Montclair State, Professor of Theatre & Dance, and served as the day's rapporteur, preserving the spirit of community and teaching and learning that emerged from this excting day. Read now: https://blogs.montclair.edu/crdirector/.

Special Features and Guests

This year's event featured a special project led by Montclair State faculty members Dr. Ashwin Vaidya, Dr. Mika Munakata, and Artist-in-Residence and Visiting Professor Anuj Vaidya. Their collaboration with students and other MSU faculty centered on questions of creativity, art, and their intersection with ecological and sustainability. One feature of the project, titled "Hand Spun Tales: at the crossroads of creativity and sustainability in art and science, was the production of short films and videos using a student-made hand-crank camera and power generators built from scrap materials. The following videos are a result of this project and illustrate the process of creating art while using only human-made energy:


Diane Sawyer Live: An Exclusive Interview with Miss Piggy from Hand Spun Film on Vimeo.

Thank You and Congratulations!
May 3, 2013 - Keynote Session - Effective Teaching? It's All About Understanding How Learning Works
Dr. Susan Ambrose
Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Professor of Education, Northeastern University, and best-selling author, presented the keynote address. Her lively and interactive talk discussed the plethora of research about how students learn, information that can help us design more effective courses, educational materials, and classroom pedagogy. Ambrose focused the discussion on the relatively recent phenomenon that this research has found its way into college and university education. In this session we will focus on seven principles that impact learning, and discuss how we as teachers can more effectively influence the learning process.
Physics & Art Photo Contest and Exhibition
This program is made possible by generous support from the Dean's Office, College of Science and Mathematical Science, Arts & Cultural Programming, the Research Academy for University Learning, and the dedicated supervision and organization of Dr. Ashwin Vaidya, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences. Please click here to view the photos submitted for this year's event, on display at the Showcase: http://www.montclair.edu/academy/programs/physicsandartphotos2013.html

Congratulations to the following student winners:
First place: Katterine Godoy for her picture titled 'Raindrops'
Second place: Kristine Pianeta for 'Flow'
Honorable mentions to Siobhan Soltau (Ferrofluids) and Rania Ayman Rizek Ghrayeb (Reflection from a prism).
To view all the entries for the contest, please visit: http://www.montclair.edu/academy/programs/physicsandartphotos2013.html

A special thank you to:

Office of Arts & Cultural Programming;
and the Creative Research Center
for their individual and unique contributions to the day.

To review our archived material from past Showcase events, please visit: http://www.montclair.edu/academy/programs/showcaseresources2012.html

Ecoliteracy and Sustainable Pedagogy Michael Lees  
Learner-Centered Assessment Brian Abrams  
Students "Crowdsource" Their Research and Learn Collaboratively: A Case Study of a CMS Kirk McDermid Powerpoint slides (opens as pptx); Presenter handout (opens as .pdf)
Engaged Teaching and Learning Using Debate in the Classroom Doug Murray and Amanda Birnbaum  
Crossing Boundaries in Undergraduate Biology Education: An Integrated Approach to Teaching and Learning Dirk Vanderklein & Mika Munakata Powerpoint Slides (opens as .ppt)
Using Alternative Instructional Methods to Embrace the "Invisible" Veil: Sharing Insights from a Sight-Impaired Perspective Joseph Donnelly  
Visual Strategies for Research Presentations Felice Frankel, Guest Presenter, Science Photographer, MIT  
Effect of Inquiry-Based Learning on Critical and Adaptive Thinking Nina Goodey, Cigdem Talgar, Jon Siekierka & Jim Dyer  
How to Engage Students in Business: Hand's On Learning Through a Course in e-Retailing Archana Kumar  
Transforming Classroom Communication Alina Reznitskaya, Joe Oyler, & Monica Glina Powerpoint slides (opens as .pptx); What should Kelly do (opens as .docx)
One Semester of Contemplative Practice in a Writing Classroom Ann Evans Linguistics in the Classroom Blog
Examining the Learning Experiences of Students in Physical versus Virtual Laboratory Experimentation Zacharias C. Zacharia, Guest Presenter, University of Cyprus "Physical and Virtual Laboratories in Science and Engineering Education" Science, 19 April 2013. Vol 340, No. 6130, pp. 305-308. Recent published research (basis of presentation).
Engaged Learning Using E-Textbooks: A Case Study Catherine Alexander  
Modified Monopoly: A Simulation Lyndal Khaw  
Mindfulness in Motion at Montclair State: A Panel Discussion with Contemplative Pedagogy and Practice Faculty Fellows David Lee Keiser, Elizabeth Erwin, Aditya Adarkar, Maughn Gregory, Meena Mahadevan, Julie Dalley, Michael Kruge Aims & Goals of Contemplative Pedagogy (opens as .pdf)
Hand Spun Tales: At the Crossroads of Creativity and Sustainability in Art and Science Ashwin Vaidya, Mika Munakata, Anuj Vaidya Project Website
Games and Simulations as Thinking Tools Mark Kay  Games presentations (opens as .pdf)
Socializing Student Learning Alvin Perry