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Resources, Materials, and News from the 2013 University Teaching and Learning Showcase

Summary of Events

‌The Research Academy is pleased to offer this summary of events originating from the 5th Annual University Learning and Teaching Showcase held on May 2, 2014. Each program and session from the day is listed below, along with related materials, resources, videos, articles, and presenter information. Please contact the Research Academy for more information on contributing to future events, sharing resource material, or submitting an article for consideration to be published in our bi-annual newsletter and on our MSU Blog or our Teaching and Learning Blog.

 Key Note Speaker, Daniel Barbezat, 2014 University ShowcaseCatch up on the latest news and trending topics on teaching and learning in higher education: read The Teaching Times in Higher Education, free! Our latest issue features an essay on the future of teaching, by Dr. Daniel Barbezat, Professor of Economics, Amherst, and Director of the Center for the Contemplative Mind in Society: http://teachingandlearningatmsu.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/the-future-of-higher-education-is-in-our-intention-and-actions-today/ and browse our latest articles on teaching ethical inquiry, how to get students to read, how to integrate new technology in the classroom, and more! Read it now:



‌Physics & Art Photo Contest and Exhibition
2014 ShowcaseThis program is made possible by generous support from the Dean's Office, College of Science and Mathematical Science, Arts & Cultural Programming, the Research Academy for University Learning, and the dedicated supervision and organization of Dr. Ashwin Vaidya, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, and Dr. Mika Munakata, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Congratulations to the following student winners:
First place: Kathy Salowka for her photo titled, "Gravity."
2nd place was a tie between Laura Rolon and Haydee Salazar.
To view all the entries for the contest, including the entries and winners from local middle schools, please visit:


A special thank you to:

The College of Science and Mathematics,

the Office of Arts & Cultural Programming;
and the Creative Research Center
for their individual and unique contributions to the day.

To review our archived material from past Showcase events, please visit: http://www.montclair.edu/academy/resources/2013-university-showcase-resources/


Dr. Daniel Barbezat, Amherst CollegeFeaturing keynote speaker Dr. Daniel Barbezat, Professor of Economics, Amherst, and Director of the Center for the Contemplative Mind in Society. Dr. Barbezat's talk, "Mindful Teaching and Learning: From the Individual to the Whole," explored concepts of the realities and challenges students and faculty must confront in and outside the classroom today, and how a mindful approach can cultivate social awareness, compassion, and community. His latest book (co-written with Mirabai Bush), Contemplative Practices in Higher Education: Powerful Methods to Transform Teaching and Learning, was released by Jossey-Bass in October 2013.



 Facilitator(s):  Title of Presentation:  Link to Handouts, Web Page, or Other Documents:
Ndidi Amutah and Eva Goldfarb Examining Stereotypes Through a Public Health Lens: An Interactive Exploration of Values    Ndidi Amutah and Eva Goldfarb 2014 Showcase Materials (opens as .docx).
Quinn Vega and Sandra Adams Research in the Teaching Laboratory: Comparison of 1st and 4th Year Projects    Quinn Vega and Sandra Adams, 2014 University Showcase Materials (opens as .pptx).
Yanling Sun and Courtney Volpe Sneak Peek @ Canvas    http://tti.montclair.edu/instructionaldesign/research_studies.html
Michael Lees Contemplative Pedagogy  Practices in 21st Century College Education    
Teresa Fiore, Raul Galoppe, and Carrie Urbanic   Collaborative Cultural Programming, Interdisciplinary Pedagogy, Student Professional Engagement: A Field Report from Montclair State   Teresa Fiore, Raul Galoppe, and Carrie Urbanic 2014 Showcase Materials Document One (opens as .docx). ; Teresa Fiore, Raul Galoppe, and Carrie Urbanic 2014 Showcase Materials: List of Inserra Events (opens as .docx). Teresa Fiore, Raul Galoppe, and Carrie Urbanic 2014 Showcase Materials: Sample Course Syllabus (opens as .pdf).
Mika Munakata and Dirk Vanderklein   Integrating Math and Biology in an Introductory Ecology Course Mika Munakata and Dirk Vanderklein Presentation Poster, 2014 University Showcase (opens as .pdf).  
Thomas Herold Engaged Teaching  Fellows Program: Final Project    Thomas Herold "Know Thy Students! Making Office Hours Part of the Curriculum." Opens as PPTX.
Joseph Donnelly Inflection Point:  How  Reflective Learning & Teaching Influence the Educational Process & Experiential Understanding    
Archana Kumar   Experiences from a Corporate-Sponsored Project in a Retailing Course  
Lyndal Khaw Demystifying Feminism and Bringing Out The “Closet Feminists” Among College Students    Statistics: http://big.assets.huffingtonpost.com/tabs_gender_0411122013.pdf
Mark Kay   Reconsidering Skill Sets:  Addressing the McKinsey Paradox  
Aditya Adarkar, Monika Elbert, and David Benfield Shock and Awe II: The Pedagogical Value of Bewilderment   Readings selected: "Before the Law, by Franz Kafka: http://www.kafka-online.info/before-the-law.html; "Young Goodman Brown, by Nathaniel Hawthorne: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~rebeccal/lit/238f11/pdfs/YoungGoodmanBrown.pdf; Meno, by Plato: https://www.ma.utexas.edu/users/rgrizzard/M316L_SP12/meno.pdf
Daniel Barbezat How Does Contemplative Practice Work in the Classroom?    
Elaine Gerber and AJ Kelton Online vs Face-to-Face: Is There a Significant Difference in Learning Outcomes?   Elaine Gerber and AJ Kelton 2014 University Showcase Materials (pptx). 
 Laetitia Cairoli A  Collaborative Wiki Building Projec Laetitia Cairoli 2014 University Showcase Materials (pptx) 
Monica Glina, Joe Oyler, Alina Reznitskaya, Alexandra Major, Laurie Zelman, Ian Wilkinson   Introducing Dialogic Teaching in Your Classroom in Order to Promote Argument Literacy   Dialogic Teaching 2014 University Showcase Materials (ppsx). ; Dialogic Teaching (What Should Kelly Do?) PDF.
Steven Markoff   Influencing Student Behavior  Steve Markoff 2014 University Showcase Materials (pptx).
Mark Hubey

Teaching Lite

Christopher Parker, Carrie Urbanic, Carol Del Guidice-Jones, Dave Kaplan,  and Fr. Jim Chern   Pedagogy Through Alternative Venues on Campus   Chris Parker, Fr. Jim Chern, Dave Kaplan, Carol Del Guidice, and Carrie Urbanic 2014 University Showcase Materials (opens as .docx). ; Chris Parker, Fr. Jim Chern, Dave Kaplan, Carol Del Guidice, and Carrie Urbanic 2014 University Showcase Materials (opens at .pptx).