Journals and Publications

The Research Academy recommends the following journals, newsletters, and publications for faculty seeking additional news, research & resources on teaching and learning.

Free Publications

  • The Teaching Times in Higher Education, a RAUL Newsletter - a bi-annual (Fall and Spring semester) newsletter with articles on diverse teaching and learning topics, resources, upcoming events, and more.
  • Of Course! - an archived past publication by The Research Academy for University Learning and Contributing Faculty at Montclair State University
  • Cider Online - center for insturctional development and educational research at Virginia Tech providing a listing and description of journals in higher education; especially, those that focus on higher education pedagogy.
  • Pod Network - The Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD) fosters human development in higher education through faculty, instructional, and organizational development.
  • Tomorrow's Professor - an online series containing various articles and resources for teaching and learning issues. Highly recommended; sponsored by Stanford - also check out the related blog at MIT: Tomorrow's Professor Blog
  • International Journal of Teaching and Learning - a free, peer-reviewed electronic journal that covers a braod area of issues concerned with higher education pedagogy.
  • Speaking of Teaching - published online by The Center for Teaching and Learning at Stanford University.
  • Emphasis: Teaching and Learning - published by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at North Carolina State University.
  • Faculty Focus - a free online publication by Magna Pubs.
  • Cooperative Learning Center Newsletter - sponsored by The Cooperative Learning Center at the University of Minnesota

Paid Subscriptions

The Research Academy subscribes to all of the publications below. We invite you to stop by to review articles of interest or contact The Academy to request a copy be mailed to you (specific articles only, please!).

The above represent only a fraction of the resources we offer to faculty at Montclair State. Please stop by the office in Sprague Library (by the Periodicals section) to browse our extensive and growing collection of articles, videos and books that focus on general and specific teaching and learning issues.