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Freshmen Student Checklist

Now that you’ve been accepted to Montclair State, your next step is to enroll as a full-fledged Red Hawk. If you have any questions about our enrollment process, please email msuadm@montclair.edu or call (973) 655-4444.

Step 1
Know Your Campus-wide ID (CWID) and PIN

Your Campus-Wide ID (CWID) and PIN are your keys to becoming a Montclair State student.

These were assigned to you when you were accepted to the University. You will find your CWID and PIN in your acceptance letter. You will use the CWID and PIN to submit your New Student Deposit.

Questions about this step? Misplaced your CWID and PIN? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 973-655-4444 or email msuadm@montclair.edu for assistance.

Step 2
Let us know you're committing to Montclair State

To reserve your place at Montclair State, simply submit your new student deposit payment* online.

To pay your deposit, use your Campus Wide ID (CWID) provided at the bottom of your acceptance letter. Log in using your CWID, the eight-digit number without the letter “M”, and your PIN, which is your six-digit date of birth (MMDDYY).

If you are planning to live on campus, you may also submit your housing deposit* at this time. Once your new student deposit and housing deposit are processed, you may complete the online Housing Application. You must complete the Housing Application by June 1.

*The new student deposit and housing deposit are non-refundable. On-campus housing is guaranteed for students who have paid their housing deposit by May 1. Housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis for those who pay their housing deposit after May 1.

Questions about your New Student Deposit? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 973-655-4444 or email msuadm@montclair.edu for assistance.

Questions about your Housing Deposit and Application? Contact the Office of Residence Life at 973-655-5188 or email reslife@montclair.edu for assistance.

Step 3
Obtain your NetID

Your NetID is your Montclair State email account login ID and your ID for other web-based University systems. You will receive an email with instructions once your new student deposit is processed and you can establish (claim) your NetID. Please note, your NetID cannot be claimed until you submit your new student deposit. Please claim your NetID one business day after you submit your new student deposit.

Questions about this step? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 973-655-4444 or email msuadm@montclair.edu for assistance.

Step 4
Attend orientation

The Center for Leadership and Engagement coordinates all of Montclair State’s orientation programs. All new students must attend a MANDATORY orientation session. Register for the orientation experience designed to support your introduction to the University. All incoming first-year students must register for the Montclair State Orientation Experience.

Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) scholars: EOF scholars move in on Sunday, June 24, 2018 for the Mandatory Residential Summer Academy and are not required to sign up for orientation. Questions? Please call Motez Ramadan at 973-655-4385.

Questions about this step? Contact the Center for Leadership and Engagement at 973-655-4162 or email orientation@montclair.edu for assistance.

Step 5
Complete the First-year Course Enrollment Questionnaire

To assist in making a smooth transition to life as a Red Hawk, all newly admitted first-year students are pre-enrolled in courses for their first semester.  All schedules are created by an academic advisor in consultation with your academic department. Completion of this step is required and will assist the academic advisor in preparing your course schedule.

The enrollment questionnaire will ask you to assess your writing skills, let us know what pre-college courses you have taken (if any), what course areas you are interested in taking at Montclair State University and additional academic goal information.

The First-Year Enrollment Survey is now closed to new submissions. If you have not filled it out, don’t worry! Our advisors will create you the best schedule possible based on your major and General Education requirements. We would be happy to answer questions about it at orientation.

Questions about this step? Contact the Center for Advising and Student Transitions at 973-655-7114 or email cast@montclair.edu for assistance.

Step 6
Register for placement testing

All first-year students need to complete the appropriate placement testing — or receive exemption — prior to registering for coursework. Taking the Montclair State University Placement Test (MSUPT) allows us to assess your current level of academic preparedness. Montclair State administers the Accuplacer for a placement test in reading and mathematics. Students whose majors require General Chemistry I must also take the Chemistry Readiness Test.

Complete and submit the online Placement Test Reply Form. It is important to note that if after taking the reading portion of the MSUPT it is determined that you need further remediation, you will have to complete the required remedial reading course. The remedial reading course must be taken in the summer prior to fall entry or the winter prior to spring entry. Students who are required to complete the remedial reading course will not be able to enroll in classes until the class is completed. More information about our reading remediation policy can be found on the academic assessment website listed above. This supports your best start possible at Montclair State. Incoming first-year students may also need to take a foreign language placement test.

Questions about this step? Contact the Academic Success Center at 973-655-5425, 973-655-4476 or email asc@montclair.edu for assistance.

Step 7
Submit your final transcripts

Your final high school transcripts (with graduation date) and AP and CLEP scores must be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


Montclair State University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Dickson Hall
1 Normal Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07043

Questions about this step? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 973-655-4444 or email msuadm@montclair.edu for assistance.

Step 8
Pay your student account

Montclair State University offers a variety of tuition payment options to suit your needs.

Questions about this step? Contact the Office of Student Accounts at 973-655-4105 or email studentaccou@montclair.edu for assistance.

Step 9
Complete Mandatory Health Requirements

The University Health Center oversees all mandatory health requirements for student enrollment. After you commit to Montclair State University and submit your new student deposit, before you join us on campus in the fall you will need to:

  1. Download and print the immunization forms from the University Health Center
  2. Have your health care provider complete and sign the forms. Records from your high school or another university may be submitted in place of these forms.
  3. Enter your immunization record information from the forms into the online My Health application. Scan and upload your paperwork into the My Health portal. Please note that the University Health Center is no longer accepting documentation in paper form. Therefore, please do not mail completed forms to the University. Instead, scan and upload all documents online in the portal.
  4. Assure adequate health insurance coverage. All full-time Montclair State students are required to have health insurance coverage. Montclair State will automatically enroll you in the Student Health Insurance Plan provided through the University. If you have private health insurance coverage, you must waive this enrollment by showing proof of other insurance. You can waive the enrollment and health insurance premium fee by going to FirstStudent and completing the waiver process.

Questions about this step? Contact the University Health Center at 973-655-4361 or email immunization@montclair.edu for assistance.