Important Offices and Programs

Office of the Registrar: or 973-655-4376.
The Office of the Registrar performs numerous functions that include scheduling of courses, registration, academic records maintenance, grades processing, official transcripts, final audit for graduation and certification, curriculum administration, and maintenance of the University's degree auditing system.

Undergraduate Admissions: or 973-655-4444
can assist you if students have questions about transfer credits, credits earned at other institutions, or credits earned through examination. 

Student Accounts: or 973-544-4177
Student Accounts is responsible for the timely dissemination of accurate information relating to a student's financial account. We interact daily with students, parents, faculty, staff and administrators along with outside agencies either in person, by phone, fax, or email.

Financial Aid: or 973-655-4461
Located in College Hall, room 208, The Office of Student Financial Aid assists eligible students in meeting their educational expenses through, Loans, Grants, Scholarships, and Student Employment (Work Study). Whether students are seeking financial assistance or are currently receiving student loans, this office should be their first point of contact.

University Health Center: 973-655-4361
The University Health Center (UHC) offers a variety of healthcare services for Montclair State University. The primary role of the UHC is to provide comprehensive healthcare for students and health related information to the University community.

Academic Success and Retention Programs: or 973-655-4162
The office of Academic Success and Retentions Programs, by providing academic advising, support, and campus referral resources, seeks to help Upper Division students turn their goal of a bachelor’s degree in to a reality. The ASRP also oversees basic skills compliance and time-to-degree progression for all Undergraduate students, along with providing advising support to select student cohorts within the University. Finally the Adult Learning Program also resides within this unit, offering academic, career, and personal supportive services to non-traditional adult learners throughout their college experience.

Center for Academic Development and Assessment (CADA): or 973-655-5425
The Center for Academic Development and Assessment (CADA) offers Tutoring Services, Learning Competencies Workshops, Supplemental Instruction, and learning support to Montclair students in collaboration with academic and administrative departments. CADA also oversees the assessment of freshmen and some transfer students for course placement.

Educational Opportunity Fund Program: 973-655-4385
The Educational Opportunity Fund Program provides access for motivated state residents from underrepresented populations/areas that meet the income criteria and exhibit the potential for high achievement. EOF provides quality academic support, leadership development, financial literacy, career enrichment, intentional counseling/advisement, and need-based financial assistance to maximize the intellectual and social growth of all participants.

The Office of Student Development for Athletes: or 973-655-5125
Student Development for Athletes is a program designed to "help athletes help themselves" by providing a comprehensive support program for all student-athletes at Montclair State University. The program provides opportunities for leadership development through TALON, educational programming through NCAA Student Athlete Affairs, and advising for a special population of student-athletes throughout the academic year. The support services include academic, career, and personal advising/referrals as well as assistance in balancing the demands of being a college level student-athlete. For further assistance or questions please contact or (973) 655-5125.

The Office of Extended Learning and Special Academic Programs: 973-655-4352
The Office of Extended Learning and Special Academic Programs oversees the operation of Summer Sessions, Winter Session, Gifted and Talented Youth Programs, Hi Jump Program, and credit/non-credit certificate programs. Summer and Winter Sessions provide opportunities for students to utilize the summer and winter "breaks" to continue their pursuit of their undergraduate or graduate studies. To stay on track, Montclair State students, visiting students currently enrolled at other colleges and universities, students who are accepted to begin their college or university studies for the subsequent fall semester, and high achieving high school juniors and seniors (Hi-Jump Program) are encouraged to pursue their studies during winter and summer.