Transfer Students

Any student transferring from a New Jersey Community or County College with an AA or AS degree will have their General Education requirements waived. As of the 2008 Catalog, Foreign Language was removed from General Education Requirements and included in overall Graduation Requirements;

    • All students must complete two language courses regardless of the General Education Waiver, unless the student has transfer credit for said foreign language.
    • Students must show proficiency up to intermediate level.
    • If a student has taken a foreign language in high school, s/he must take the placement test to continue the same language.
    • If a student places into the intermediate level, s/he may take one semester to satisfy the requirement.
    • If the student chooses a language not taken before, s/he must take 2 courses.
  • The New Student Seminar is waived for all transfer students with 15 or more credit hours, except adult learners (over 25); these students take GNED 100- Adult Academic Seminar.

Additional Information for transfer students can be found on the following websites: NJ State-wide Transfer Appeals Form. View Frequently Asked Questions.


Transfer students entering Montclair State University with 14 college level credits or fewer will not receive any waivers. Students who have completed a course that is equivalent to Montclair State University’s New Student Seminar will receive a TRNSFE1 credit for the course. Transfer students entering Montclair State University with 15 or more college level credits will receive a waiver for New Student Seminar