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Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics is committed to the study and development of mathematical disciplines. These disciplines are then put to use solving timely real-world problems. There are many opportunities for students to perform research in the following branches of modern applied mathematics:

Data-Driven Analysis
the science of using mathematics, statistics, and computation to extract knowledge from data
Financial Mathematics
the science of modeling and analyzing financial markets
Fluid Mechanics
the science of fluids and gases at rest and in motion
Mathematical Biology
the science of modeling and analyzing biological processes
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
the science of systems governed by a consistent set of laws over time
Scientific Computing
the science of using computers to model complex systems
the science of extracting information from data

Why Study Applied Mathematics and StatisticsDegree Programs

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Faculty Research

Department research areas include data-driven analysis, financial mathematics, fluid mechanics, mathematical biology, nonlinear dynamical systems, scientific computing, and statistics. Faculty research programs are funded by the:

There are many opportunities for students to gain research experience. Students should stop by our offices and get involved!

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Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center provides statistical consulting at a very reasonable rate in support of student and faculty research as well as grant proposals. MS Statistics students serve as consultants and can provide statistical advice, and the design, analysis, and interpretation of statistical results for research projects. In addition, our Statistics Faculty are available to help develop statistical design and methods for grant proposals and for more complicated projects.

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