Aerial view of Montclair State University campus and beyond on a sunny day

About the Montclair Apprenticeship Program

As part of Governor Phil Murphy’s new apprenticeship grant initiative, Montclair State University is proud to introduce the Montclair Apprenticeship Program (MAP), the first of its kind in New Jersey.

Named “New Jersey’s best public university” by Forbes, we are dedicated to serving the state’s educational needs by offering academically rigorous programs and clear pathways to successful careers.

Our commitment to combining work experience with schooling stretches back to 1976, when we began offering co-op programs that placed students in credit-bearing, supervised work experiences. Today, recognizing that traditional degree options do not always fit the needs of a changing workforce, we are expanding access to higher education through paid apprenticeships.

Program Leadership

The MAP program is led by Program Manager Dwight Threepersons. He brings many years of experience as a Career Technical Education teacher, in education administration and as a consultant to his work at Montclair State. Previously, Dwight served as the Project Director at New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Construction-Utilities Talent Development Center (CUTDC) funded by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Please contact Dwight Threepersons with any questions about the program. Montclair State is now accepting inquiries from both prospective apprentices and employers.