Students working with chemicals in chemistry lab

Registered Apprenticeship in Chemical/Medical Technology

In New Jersey alone, there are thousands of job postings for medical and clinical lab technicians and technologists, chemists and medical scientists, reflecting a nationwide need for highly trained professionals. Apprenticeships help fill this need – research has shown that they increase employee engagement, problem-solving abilities, flexibility and skill diversity, and reduce the need for supervision.

The chemical technology apprenticeship is ideal for current undergraduate students studying chemistry. As an apprentice, you’ll take a sequence of existing chemistry courses (Analytical Chemistry or Experimental Biochemistry I and Instrumental Analysis or Fundamentals of Instrumental Analysis) that complements your studies and sharpens your abilities, all while gaining invaluable work experience.

During your apprenticeship, you will be placed with one of MAP’s partner employers. Many of these partners often hire graduate apprentices full-time after the program ends. You will also receive significant financial support while you pursue your degree. Over the course of your placement, you’ll learn how to calibrate and operate laboratory instruments, prepare biological samples and specimens for testing, analyze samples and specimens using approved testing procedures, record and analyze data, and follow industry standard operating procedures.

Once you complete the MAP program, your career options include:

  • Medical technologist
  • Analytical chemist
  • Chemist
  • Instrumentation chemist

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