Applying to the College

Applying for admission to the College of the Arts is a two-step process:

Step One - Submit a completed application, obtainable from the offices of Undergraduate Admissions 973.655.4444 or Graduate Admissions 973.655.5147. Students may also apply on-line.

Step Two - After application submission, applicants may be invited to a CART interview, audition or portfolio review. The review process is a give-and-take experience where students are encouraged to discuss their career goals, artistic endeavors, and ask questions, in addition to demonstrating their artistic ability. Each CART major has its own protocols and criteria for this step. Applicants should visit the department web sites, call with questions or ask to be sent an information packet.

Important: Since admission to these programs is highly competitive, all students are highly urged to complete admission applications and schedule appointments for the earliest possible dates. (Intended freshman should do so for no later than March.)

Admissions criteria for departments within the College of the Arts can be found on respective department admissions pages. Please click on your area of interest below: