Metalwork and Jewelry

Metalwork/Jewelry Area Coordinator: Dr. Robert Browning; 973-655-4167

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Metalwork/Jewelry is offered as an area of study within the following undergraduate and graduate programs:

At the introductory level, students learn traditional jewelry and metal processes including fabrication, forging, fastening, stone setting, chasing, repoussé and lost-wax casting. Whether producing work that is functional or non-functional (i.e. a wearable or decorative work of art, respectively), students must develop and employ competencies in concept formation, design and technical manipulation. The specialization allows students great freedom in producing works ranging in size and intent from jewelry to functional objects to small-scale sculptures. Students choose a direction that best complements their professional goals.

Metalwork 2At the upper-level, students with a jewelry-making background work in the media of their choice and have separate workspaces available for their use. They may take regular Metalwork /Jewelry classes if they wish or work on a closely supervised independent-study basis. MFA students are further encouraged to explore metalwork in conjunction with their mixed-media and interdisciplinary projects. Students should review the MFA program information for a fuller explanation of general requirements for that degree.

The Metalwork/Jewelry program is ideal for students who are intensely curious, highly motivated and who enjoy stretching the boundaries of the medium. While jewelry-making and metalworking are starting points in the program, additional options in the medium are possible for students with expanded interests.

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What You Will Study

Metalwork 3Curriculum requirements for studio programs, including course descriptions for metalwork and jewelry, may be found through the links below:

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Studio Facilities

The Department of Art and Design occupies several buildings on campus, housing fully equipped studios for all art areas including Metalwork/Jewelry. The Metalwork/Jewelry studio, which is located in Calcia Hall, is also open for individual use when classes are not in session.

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Student Work Gallery

Metalwork/Jewelry | Student Work – All Programs

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Apply Now

Students interested in the Metalwork/Jewelry area of study must first apply to their intended studio major. Following acceptance, Metalwork/Jewelry may be declared as a specialization in accordance with guidelines of the major.

Admission requirements for all programs may be found on the Department Admissions page.

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