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Painting is offered as an area of study within the following programs

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What You Will Study

At the introductory level, students are oriented to the fundamentals of painting, including a familiarity with materials and media. After an initial immersion into the basics of paint application, compositional organization, modeling of form, and expressive paint handling, students are encouraged to use these skills to explore ideas and freely experiment with a range of techniques and processes. The use of materials, media, concepts, ideas, and approaches are explored through slide lectures, discussions, demonstrations, readings, and class trips to many Metropolitan-area galleries and museums.

Painting 2As students move through the Painting sequence of courses, they are introduced to and encouraged to explore in greater depth a wide variety of media, including oil, acrylic, tempera, and watercolor, as well as techniques that link painting to printmaking, papermaking, photography, sculpture and multimedia. Ideas about painting are analyzed within the context of artists' works from diverse genres, historical periods and cultures, with a particular emphasis on the contemporary art scene. Through an energetic atmosphere and individualized attention, students are encouraged to find their own personal voices as expressive artists.

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Curriculum requirements for studio programs, including course descriptions for painting, may be found through the links below: 

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Studio Facilities

Painting Studio

The Department of Art and Design occupies several buildings on campus, housing fully equipped studios for all art areas including painting. The painting studio, located in Calcia Hall, is also open for individual use when classes are not in session.

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Student Work Galleries

Painting | Student Work – All Programs

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Apply Now

Students interested in the Painting area of study must first apply to their intended studio major. Following acceptance, Painting may be declared as a specialization in accordance with the guidelines of the major.

Admission requirements for all programs may be found on the Department Admissions page.

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