Printmaking Area Coordinator: Prof. Catherine Bebout; 973-655-7286

Papermaking Coordinator: Eileen Foti; 973-655-7295

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Printmaking is offered as a area of study within the following programs:

Printmaking 2Printmaking students explore a variety of methods and practices of multiple-image-making, incorporating a range of conceptual, critical and technical approaches. In so doing, students are encouraged to challenge the limitations of both conventional and experimental processes to create works that are of personal meaning.

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What You Will Study

Instruction through introductory and upper-level courses emphasizes non-toxic methods and emerging technologies in printmaking processes. Courses explore all the traditional media including intaglio, lithography, monotype/monoprint, and silkscreen, in addition to contemporary applications such as digital and photo, as well as papermaking and book arts techniques.

Printmaking 3

Curriculum Links —

Curriculum requirements for studio programs, including course descriptions for printmaking, may be found through the links below:

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Studio Facilities

Printmaking 4The Department of Art and Design occupies several buildings on campus, housing fully equipped studios for all art areas including printmaking. The printmaking studio remains open for individual use when classes are not in session, with technical assistants available to assist students during open studio hours.

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Student Work Galleries

Students in printmaking produce works that include etchings, lithographs, woodblock prints and works incorporating combinations of techniques.

Printmaking | Student Work – All Programs

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Apply Now

Students interested in the Printmaking area of study must first apply to their intended studio major. Following acceptance, Printmaking may be declared as a specialization in accordance with the guidelines of the major.

Admission requirements for all programs may be found on the Department Admissions page.

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