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Sculpture Area Head (Interim): Prof. Owen Oertling; 973-655-7265

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Sculpture is offered as a area of study within the following programs:

Students specializing in sculpture have an affinity for creating art that occupies three-dimensional space. Through shaping or combining materials – typically metal, stone, glass, or wood; or plastic materials such as polymers or clay – students create work that ranges in scale from that which may be mounted on a pedestal to that which may be characterized as environmental. Contemporary sculpture has also come to include works incorporating light, sound and text, in addition to formed and found objects.

Our students work in a dedicated facility that supports use of all sculptural materials and techniques including carving, assembling, welding, molding, firing, and casting. Students are encouraged to choose materials and techniques that give shape to deliberate concepts and well-developed ideas.

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What You Will Study

Sculpture 2Introductory courses explore fundamental issues in sculpture, criticism and art history, as well as safe studio practices. Upper-level courses reinforce the foundation experience and focus on the student's developing viewpoint about art and its relationship to his/her personal, cultural and historical reality.

Upper-level students are encouraged to explore issues that are seminal to their individual interests – through coursework and on an independent-study basis.

Sculpture students at all levels are expected to think and work critically and commit themselves fully to the notion that art has importance in their lives. Sculpture is a provocative and rewarding profession/adventure, however demanding.

Curriculum Links —

Curriculum requirements for the undergraduate and graduate studio programs, including course descriptions for sculpture, may be found through the links below:

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Studio Facilities

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The Department of Art and Design occupies several buildings on campus, housing fully equipped studios for all art areas including sculpture. The sculpture studio remains open for individual use when classes are not in session, with technical assistants available to assist students during open studio hours.

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Student Work Galleries

Students studying sculpture produce work in a variety of materials intended for interior exhibition as well as for outdoor spaces.

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Sculpture | Student Work – All Programs

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Apply Now

Students interested in the Sculpture area of study must first apply to their intendedmstudio major. Following acceptance, Sculpture may be declared as a specialization in accordance with the guidelines of the major.

Admission requirements for all programs may be found on the Department Admissions page.

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