Fine Arts Teacher Certification

Graduate Program -- Applying to the Department of Art and Design

Program Admission Contact:

Dr. Dorothy Heard, 973-655-4210

University Admission Contact:

The Graduate School:

Matt DiBartolomeo, 973-655-7471


  • MAT degree – Cert. in Art (P-12)
  • MAT degree – Cert. in Art (P-12) & Disabilities
  • Post-BA – Cert. in Art (P-12) (no degree)

Application guidelines for admission to all graduate programs, including those listed above, are available on the Graduate School Admission Web page.

Requirements include:

  • Completion of the Graduate School application
  • Successfully passing the Praxis exam (or other accepted standardized test)
  • General interview
  • Second interview (including review of a portfolio of works)
  • Completion of an on-site Writing Sample

After applying to the Graduate School, applicants will be encouraged to contact the Program Admission Contact to schedule an interview appointment and learn more about the program-specific admission requirements.

About the Program

Information about the Fine Arts Teacher Certification programs and curricula may be found on the Fine Arts Teacher Certification Web page