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Neil Baldwin  

Neil Baldwin, Ph.D.
Director, The Creative Research Center
dramaturgy, danceaturgy, play script interpretation, graduate theatre criticism and arts
administration, Theta Alpha Phi
Phone: 973-655-7340
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Neil Baldwin, PhD, critically-acclaimed author, editor, and cultural historian, has published many works of nonfiction and biography over the course of his long career in the arts. As Professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance, he has created two new courses representing his teaching passions: Introduction to Dramaturgy: The Questioning Spirit (for undergraduates); and How to Run a Nonprofit Arts Organization (for the graduate MA Program in Arts and Museum Management). He also focuses upon introductory classes in The Theatrical Medium and Play Script Interpretation. Dr. Baldwin invented a new writing and critical discipline, "Danceaturgy," in which he works in close collaboration with the Dance Division faculty and students exploring the arc of the repertory every year; and shares his broad historical expertise as "Talk Back" moderator for many performing arts productions. As a further teaching innovation, Dr. Baldwin engages in ongoing email correspondence with faculty and students in drama and dance over the course of the semesters' productions. He is founding Director of The Creative Research Center, and serves with great pleasure as Faculty Advisor to the Theatre and Dance Honor Society, Theta Alpha Phi.

Susi Colin

Susi Colin, PhD
Associate Professor
Courses Taught: Art in Non-Western Societies, Egyptian Art, Etruscan Art, Roman Art
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 Elizabeth Valdez del Alamo

Elizabeth Valdez del Alamo, PhD
Courses Taught: Art in Western Civilization, Early Christian & Byzantine Art, Medieval Art,
Resources and Methods of Research
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Elizabeth Valdez del Alamo researches the art of medieval Spain, monasticism, and the funerary arts. She has edited two volumes on tomb sculpture: Memory and the Medieval Tomb, with Carol Pendergast (2000), and Decorations for the Holy Dead: Visual Embellishments on Tombs and Shrines of Saints, with Stephen Lamia (2002). Her book, Palace of the Mind: The Cloister of Silos and Spanish Sculpture of the Twelfth Century, is in press at Brepols, Turnhout, Belgium, for 2010. Dr. del Alamo is invited regularly to speak at international scholarly symposia in Spain and the United States as well as France, Germany, Switzerland and England. Many of her numerous articles appear in the Acts of these meetings. An active member of the International Center of Medieval Art, she is currently co-editor, with Stephen Lamia, of the International Census of Dissertations in Medieval Art, hosted on the Montclair State School of the Arts web site:

Dorothy Heard

Dorothy Heard, PhD
Assistant Professor
Program Director: BA in Fine Arts, Art Education Concentration
Program Director: BA in Fine Arts, School and Community Settings Concentration
Program Director: MA in Fine Arts, Museum Management Concentration
Graduate Program Coordinator: MA in Fine Arts, Studio Concentration
Graduate Program Coordinator: MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching)
Courses Taught: Foundations of Methods and Curriculum in Art Education I and II
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As a Fine Art Education faculty member, Dorothy Heard has worked with preschool children to develop their self-expression and materials manipulation skills, and their functional understanding of pre-reading and arithmetic concepts. She has also taught various general art and art history classes for grades K-8 and 9-12.

Dr. Heard currently heads the BA in Fine Arts, Art Education Concentration, the BA in Fine Arts, School and Community Settings Concentration, and the MA in Fine Arts, Museum Management Concentration, and also serves as the graduate program coordinator for the MA in Fine Arts, Studio Concentration, and for the MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching).


Adjunct Faculty


 M. Teresa Rodriguez

M. Teresa Rodriguez, MFA
Director, University Art Galleries (incl. George Segal Gallery)
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Ronald Sharps  

Ronald L. Sharps, PhD
Associate Dean, College of the Arts
(Faculty & Academic Affairs)
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