John J. Cali School of Music

One of the greatest gifts you may offer a student is assistance with tuition and living expenses. Many of our students are only able to attend university with the aid of scholarships. The following is a list of some of our scholarships and gifts. If you would be interested in donating to an existing fund or creating one of your own, please call:

David Graham
MSU Development Office

Note: Scholarships are offered to accepted students. Students may not apply for them directly.

  • Sallie Finnie McCann Music Scholarship
  • A.L. Hansen-Griffith Piano Award
  • Morse Estate Music Scholarship
  • Wolf Piano Scholarship
  • Lucile Oliva Music Scholarship
  • David Ott Scholarhip
  • Marina Stern Piano Scholarship
  • Bergen Music Scholarship
  • Thomas & Michele Wilt Scholarship
  • Somville & Trilling Scholarship
  • Benjamin F. Wilkes Scholarship
  • Iversen Music Scholarship
  • Frank Music Scholarship
  • Howe Organ Scholarship Fund
  • Oscar Ravina Talent Grant
  • Wasserman Piano Scholarship
  • Sacher Lecture Fund
  • Musical Instrument Endowment Fund
  • Peins Music Scholarship
  • Dorothy Priesing Scholarship
  • John J. Cali Music Scholarship
  • Shanghai Student Quartet Scholarship
  • Sonia W. Cohan Scholarship
  • Averil Briggs Scholarship
  • Thomas J. Randazzo Music Scholarship
  • Anthony & Marie Arena Fabiano '46 Scholarship