Who We Are

The Creative Research Center Virtual Advisory Board

(In formation as of March, 2013)

Philip Barnard - University of Cambridge, UK Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit [1972-2011]; interdisciplinary neuroscience/choreographic research.

Janet Eilber - Artistic Director, The Martha Graham Center for Contemporary Dance, NYC.

William V. Ganis – Associate Professor, Art History; and Director, String Room Gallery, Wells College, Oneonta, NY.

Gary Hall - Professor of Media and Performing Arts, School of Art and Design, Coventry University, UK.

Judith Lin Hunt - Dean of Library Services, Harry A. Sprague Library, Montclair State University.

Jessica Laccetti - Masters in Communication Technology Program, University of Alberta, Canada.

Yolanda T. Moses - Professor of Anthropology, Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Excellence, and Executive Director for Conflict Resolution, UC Riverside.

Geoffrey W. Newman - Dean Emeritus, College of the Arts, Montclair State University.

The works of the Creative Research Center represent the labor of many hands and minds in building a vitally collaborative identity, as manifested by this roster of dedicated colleagues beginning with Dr. Geoffrey Newman and his colleagues in the Dean’s Office of Montclair’s College of the Arts; as well as the Offices of Institutional Advancement, External Affairs, Public Relations and Marketing, Web Site Development, Technical Services, Research and Sponsored Programs; the Deans, faculty and students of the Colleges of Montclair State University at large; and the many individuals who consult, advise, encourage, helped launch, and continue to support the Center and its mission.


  • Ammiel Alcalay - CUNY Poetics Institute
  • Michael Aquino - College of the Arts
  • Andrew Atkinson - Photography Program
  • Ken Bain - Research Academy for University Learning
  • Brian Becker - Cali School of Music
  • Claudia Bogris - Marketing and Graphic Services
  • Jorge Cacheiro - Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Michele Campagna - New Student Experience
  • Brent Chrite - School of Business
  • W. Paul Coates - Black Classic Press
  • Ada Beth Cutler - College of Education and Human Services
  • Linda Davidson - College of the Arts
  • Eric Diamond - Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Laura Dolp - Cali School of Music
  • Susan Fraser - The New York Botanical Garden
  • Anne Frechette - College of Science and Math
  • Roberta Friedman - Film Program
  • Harry Haines - School of Media and Communications
  • Earl Harris - College of the Arts
  • Mark Heimerdinger - Institutional Advancement
  • Danny Heitman - The Baton Rouge Advocate
  • Judith Lin Hunt - Sprague Library
  • Lori Katterhenry - Dance Program
  • David Keiser - Curriculum and Teaching
  • Todd Kelshaw - School of Media and Communications
  • Suzanne Jill Levine - University of California at Santa Barbara
  • Larry Londino - Department of Broadcasting
  • Gene Lotito - College of the Arts
  • Beth McPherson - Dance Program
  • Paula Maliandi - University Communications
  • Cindy Meneghin - Web Services


  • Marietta Morrissey - Colelge of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Mika Munakata - Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Dana Natale - Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Lois Oppenheim - Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Patricia O’Toole - Columbia University
  • Nell Irvin Painter - Princeton University & Rhode Island School of Design
  • Mike Peters - Photographic Services
  • Matthew Pierce - Web Services
  • Todd Presner - UCLA Digital Humanities
  • Robert Prezant - College of Science and Mathematics
  • Geoffrey Newman - College of the Arts
  • Katy Rawdon - The Barnes Foundation
  • Kathleen Reddington - College of the Arts
  • Jessica Restaino - Department of English
  • Linda Roberts - Dance Program
  • Dorothy Rogers - Department of Philosophy and Religion
  • Tiger Roholt - Department of Philosophy and Religion
  • Erhard Rom - Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Warren Sack - University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Kyle Sangiovanni - College of the Arts
  • Ronald Sharps - College of the Arts
  • Marie Sparks - College of the Arts
  • Natalie Stokes - Black Classic Press
  • Alexandra Thelin - Web Services
  • Laurie Treleven - Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Carrie Urbanic - Arts and Cultural Programming
  • Ashwin Vaidya - Mathematical Sciences
  • Alberto Vitale - Former Chairman & CEO, Random House, Inc.
  • Char Voight - Interdisciplinary Centers, University of Minnesota
  • Gregory Waters - Honors Program
  • Michael Weinstein - Institute fo Sustainability Studies
  • Mary Lou West - Mathematical Sciences
  • Daniel White - Management consultant
  • Jed Wheeler - Arts and Cultural Programming
  • Keith Wiggs - Institutional Advancement

As of April 26, 2010