Spring/Summer 2013 Courses

The Cali School offers a range of introductory and specialized courses from May-August. Contact Gina Balestracci (balestraccig@mail.montclair.edu) to learn more about these courses.

How to register: Registrar's Office (http://www.montclair.edu/registrar)

Music Education—Graduate Courses
MUED 550-11 Music Education Techniques for Children with Disabilities, Faculty: Brian Abrams, Session July 15- Aug. 8, Hybrid Course, TR 1:30-3:30 pm, 3 credits
MUED 521-11 Creative Move/Dance For Children, Faculty: Lisa DeLorenzo, Session July 15- Aug. 8, MTWR 4:05-6:30 pm, 3 credits

For more information about the Music Education courses, contact Dr. DeLorenzo (delorenzol@mail.montclair.edu)

Music Technology
MUTC 101-31 Music & Computer Tech I, Faculty: TBA, Session May 20-June 6, Faculty, Day and Time TBA, 3 credits

Music Therapy
MUTH 100-91 Introduction to Music Therapy, Faculty: Karen Goodman, Session June 17-July 11, Online Course—details TBA, 2 credits

General Education
MUGN 100-31 Introduction to Music, Faculty: Robert Butts, Session May 20-June 6, MTWR 12:30-3:55 pm, 3 credits
MUGN 100-91 Introduction to Music, Faculty: Brian Abrams, Session June 17-Aug. 8, MTWR 12:30 3:55 pm, 3 credits
MUGN 100-92 Introduction to Music, Faculty: Ting Ho, Session Aug. 12-29, Online Course—details TBA, 3 credits
MUGN 209-91 Introduction to Jazz, Faculty: Jeffrey Kunkel, Session May 28-July 3, Online Course—details TBA, 3 credits
MUGN 250-31 Rap & Rock as Cultural Phenomena, Faculty: Michael Albaugh, Session May 20-June 6, MTWR 6-9:25 pm, 3 credits