Department of Art and Design Holds April 3 Panel Discussion About Leadership Needs For 21st Century Museums and Cultural Agencies

Panel event features industry insiders and University officials and is free

The Department of Art and Design is sponsoring a panel discussion entitled "Museums are Hiring:  21st Century Leadership in Museums and other Cultural Agencies," on April 3 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Room 419 in the Student Center.

Panelists include: 

  • Debroah Chatr Aryamontri, Adjunct Professor of Classics and General Humanities, and Director of the Center for Heritage and Archaeological Studies
  • Susi Colin, Associate Professor of Art History
  • Angelica Diggs, Museum Coordinator, Montclair Historical Society
  • Teresa Rodriguez, Director, Montclair State University Galleries
  • Angela Sergonis, Associate Curator, Morris Museum
  • Ronald Sharps, Associate Dean, Montclair State University College of the Arts

The panel discussion will be about the issues and challenges surrounding leadership needs for 21st century museums and cultural agencies. Serving as moderator is Jonathan Greene, gallery owner, museum director and lawyer. 

This event is free and open to professionals in museums and cultural agencies, graduate students and graduating seniors with an interest in careers in museums and cultural agencies.

Coffee and donuts will be provided. For more information, contact Dr. Dorothy Heard, or, by phone, at (973) 655-4210. Click here for directions to the University.