Faculty Accomplishments - Fall 2013

Students in the College study and create with some of the finest artist-teachers in the New York metropolitan area. Our faculty includes working composers, designers, fine artists, actors, musicians, directors, choreographers, conductors, broadcasters and communication specialists, including Fulbright, Guggenheim and Howard award winners.

Read about our faculty's recent achievements:

Department of Art and Design

Assistant Professor ANDREW ATKINSON (Photography) was featured in a group exhibition, “Sideshow Nation,” at Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y., January 5-March 3, 2013.

Associate Professor CATHERINE BEBOUT (Printmaking) presented a solo exhibition, “Joyce Catherine Bebout: Artist Prints,” at the Curtis R. Harley Art Gallery, University of South Carolina Upstate, Spartanburg, SC, November 2-December 8, 2012. She was also in group exhibitions, “Ontologies: Four Visions, at the Eleftherias Park Arts Centre in Athens, Greece, October 1-November 2, 2012, and the Art and Design “Faculty Exhibition 2012,” at Montclair State's George Segal Gallery, September 11-December 8, 2012. She's also in a group show titled "Paper Work" at the Trenton City Museum, opening Nov. 15, 2013. 

Adjunct Instructor CHRIS BORS (Foundations) was in group exhibitions at BravinLee Gallery, NYC, December 31, 2012-February 9, 2013, as part of a Project Room curated by artist Tom Sanford; “Spacegrass,” at Bloom Projects, N.Y.,September 8-October 14, 2012; and “Untitled #1,” at Randall Scott Projects, Washington, DC, June 23-July 21, 2012. He also published articles and reviews in Artvoices (October/November 2012, December 2012/January 2013, Spring 2013 issues), ArtReview (October 2012, No. 62 issue), Artforum.com (July 18, 2012), and Artillery (July/August 2012, Vol. 6, Issue 6).

Adjunct Instructor LYNNE BUSCHMAN (Foundations) was in group exhibitions, “Booked 10,” at Pierro Gallery, South Orange, N.J., March 6-30, 2013, and the Art and Design “Faculty Exhibition 2012,” at Montclair State's George Segal Gallery, September 11-December 8, 2012.

Adjunct Instructor SABINE ECK (Art History) served on the Board of Directors of the Oversees Neighbors Sister City Organization as the Chair of the MSU Students/Alumni Association. She also won an Outstanding Service Award from the MSU Federation of Adjunct Faculty on April 26, 2013.

Professor NANCY GOLDRING (Drawing) held two solo exhibitions, “Punti di Fuga, Altri Paesaggi,” at the Martini & Ronchetti Gallery in Genoa, Italy, October 4-November 15, 2012, and “Projections: Place without Description by Nancy Goldring,” at the Devi Art Foundation-Sarai Center for Developing Studies, Delhi, India, February-May 2013. She was in the following group exhibitions: “After Affects,” sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts, Chelsea, N.Y., February 8-24, 2013; “Selections from the Southeast Museum of Photography Collection,” at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., November 10, 2012-February 9, 2013; “Anonymous Drawings 2013” at the Uferhallen, Berlin, Germany, March 2013; “Columbi Art,” curated by Anna Podesta and Umberto Squarcia, N.Y., spring 2013; and the Art and Design “Faculty Exhibition 2012,” at Montclair State's George Segal Gallery, September 11-December 8, 2012. She created photographic projections for writer/director Michael Taussig’s performance, “Berlin Sun Theater: The Master of Non-Mastery,” at the Whitney Museum of American Art, N.Y., February 23, 2013.  She published the following articles: “The Long View,” a review of Massimo Scolari’s book, Oblique Drawing: A History of Anti-Perspective, in Architects Newspaper, October 2, 2012; and a review of David van Dommelen’s book, Walls: Enrichment and Ornamentation, in Word Processor, Reanimation Library, September 4, 2012. She also received grants from the New York Foundation for the Arts (December 2012) and the Joan Mitchell Foundation (January 2013) to support a new project titled “Urban Alchemy,” a series of drawings and projected images all based on the effects of Superstorm Sandy on the urban environment, personally and in general. She was the featured artist of the year in the Rutgers University-based journal, Raritan, which showcased her photographs and text in its 2012-2013 issues. Her photographs were also included in the book, Occupy: Three Inquiries in Disobedience, by authors W.J.T. Mitchell, Bernard E. Harcourt, and Michael Taussig, University of Chicago Press (May 15, 2013). She also served as head juror for the American Institute of Architects’ National Photography of Architecture Competition, April 2013, and as juror for the New York Institute of Architecture’s “Metabolic City” International Exchange Program.

Adjunct Instructor REBECCA GOYETTE (Foundations) presented a solo exhibition, “Lobsta Porn Theater,” at Airplane, Brooklyn, N.Y., November 10-December 16, 2012, and the following group exhibitions: “Double Dirty Dozen (& Friends),” at Freight and Volume, N.Y., August 16-September 22, 2012; and “Carne Valle,” at Flux Factory, Long Island City, N.Y., April 18-22, 2013. She was also invited to participate in the international residency project, “Off Shore Project,” in Kardamili, Greece, and continues to serve as a docent at the Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.

Adjunct Instructor JONATHAN GREENE  (Museum Management) was the moderator at a panel discussion, “Museums are Hiring: 21st Century Leadership in Museums and other Cultural Agencies,” held at Montclair State University, April 3, 2013.

Professor MARTIN GREENWALD (Graphic Design), with co-author Dr. Richard Lowell, published the book, Images of the Tropical Forest, August 2012. The book, which serves as an introduction to understanding the elementary dynamics of tropical forests, is a result of 20 years of research and experience by the authors' leading student tours and teaching courses in the biology and ecology of the tropics of Central America.

Adjunct Instructor KAREN GUANCIONE (Foundations) was featured in a group exhibition, “An Inventory of Al-Matanabbi Street,” at the John Rylands Library, University of Manchester, UK, February 6-July 29, 2013. She also created the production concept for Cuatro Corridos, a chamber opera led by Grammy Award-winning soprano Susan Narucki and noted Mexican author Jorge Volpi, at the Conrad Presbys Music Center, University of California, San Diego, Calif., May 8-11, 2013. Her solo exhibition, “Sutra,” opened at the Noyes Museum of Art on October 4. The artwork is made from a thousand library catalog cards sewn into a large site specific installation. The show continues through August 31, 2014. There will be an artist talk and hands-on workshop on June 14, 2014.

Adjunct Instructor SUE HAVENS (Foundations and Drawing) held a solo exhibition, “Sue Havens: Drawings and Constructions,” at Luchsinger Gallery, Greenwich Academy, Conn., January 11-February 11, 2013; and was in the following group exhibitions: “6 x 6 x 2013,” at Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, N.Y., June 1-July14, 2013; “Folk Appeal,” at Mingo Gallery, Beverly, Mass., February 2013; and “Casheesh Six,” at Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, Mass., December 1-16, 2012. Her work was represented by Regina Rex at the NADA Miami Art Fair, Fla., December 6-9, 2012. She was also a visiting artist/lecturer at the Greenwich Academy, Conn., January 31, 2013.

Prof. JULIE HEFFERNAN (Painting area head) returned to MSU this fall after a very productive sabbatical in spring 2013. She created a series, entitled Sky is Falling, of large-scale paintings that contend with the idea of slow degradation, both in nature and at home, for a solo exhibition at PPOW, N.Y., running October 17-November 16.

Adjunct Instructor  JAYNE HOLSINGER (Painting) was featured in a group exhibition, “Sideshow Nation,” at Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y., January 5-March 3, 2013.

Half-time Assistant Professor JOSH JORDAN (Foundations) was featured in the following group exhibitions: at BravinLee Gallery, N.Y., December 31, 2012-February 9, 2013; as part of a Project Room curated by artist Tom Sanford, “Portfolio,” at Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff School of Art and Design, Wales, UK, January 18-February 8, 2013; “The Wild Bunch,” at Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 21-July 20, 2013; and “Back Alley Sessions,” sponsored by FABnyc, NYC, June-July 2013, with a Zine component produced by Antagonist Art Movement. He also presented the following talks: “Biblioquest – The Library Project,” as part of the session, “Short Tales from Foundations Practice,” at the 2013 CAA Annual Conference, N.Y., February 2013; and “Influence – Antecedents and Self Awareness,” as part of the session, “Exploration, Experimentation, and Exposure: Stepping Stones to Self-Discovery,” at the 2013 FATE Conference, Savannah, Ga., April 2013.

Adjunct Instructor JAE YONG KIM (Ceramics) presented a solo exhibition, “Lust for Donuts,” at Blank Space Art, N.Y., September 13-October 6, 2012. His solo exhibition, Donut Fields, opened on October 10-November 10, 2013 at Waterfall Gallery, N.Y. The show was sponsored by Trump International Realty, Maserati of Manhattan, and Ferrari of Long Island, among others, and the exclusive opening reception was attended by such VIP luminaries as New York then-mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio and Ivanka Trump.

Professor PAT LAY (Ceramics) was featured in the following group exhibitions: “Boom and Bloom,” at The Phatory, N.Y., May 4-31, 2013; “Sideshow Nation,” at Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y., January 5-March 3, 2013; “Real Time,” at AS/Artists Studios, N.Y., February 8, 2013; “Portfolio,” at Howard Gallery, Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff, Wales, December 2012-February 2013; “Electron Salon,” at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Calif., November 8-December 1, 2012; “Faculty Exhibition 2012,” at MSU's George Segal Gallery, September 11-December 8, 2012; and “Strange Glue: Collage at 100,” at Thompson Gallery, Weston, Mass., September 7-November 20, 2012.  Photographs of her work were reproduced in the book, The Craft and Art of Clay, by Susan and Jan Peterson (5th edition, Laurence King Publishing, London), and in the exhibition catalogs for “Strange Glue: Collage at 100” and “Faculty Exhibition 2012.” She served on the jury panel to select artists for an indoor sculptural tree exhibition, “Nature Illuminated: The Enchanted Garden Revealed,” a project at the Van Vleck House and Gardens in Montclair, that opened on November 14, 2012; and on the advisory board of Gravity: Community Revitalization through the Arts and Innovation. She was also a member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC, the International Sculpture Center, Hamilton, N.J., and the Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.

Adjunct Instructor MICHAEL LEE (Drawing) curated the group exhibition, “This is How My Brain Works,” at Radiator Gallery, Long Island City, N.Y., September 8-30, 2012; he also had work in the show. He was co-moderator of an artist panel discussion in conjunction with that exhibition, held at Ruth Phaneuf Fine Arts, Long Island City, N.Y., on September 23, 2012. He was in a group exhibition, “Anonymous Drawings 2013: 800 International Drawings,” at Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany, March 24-April 20, 2013. 

Adjunct Instructor ELISA LENDVAY (Foundations) held a solo exhibition, “Elisa Lendvay: Small Sculptures,” at Jason McCoy Gallery, N.Y., September 12-October 26, 2012, and was in the the following group exhibitions: “The Order of Things,” at NURTUREart, Brooklyn, N.Y., January 4-February 4, 2013; “External Original,” at Clifford Art Gallery, Colgate University, Hamilton, N.Y., October 29-November 20, 2012; “This is How My Brain Works,” at Radiator Gallery, Long Island City, N.Y., September 8-30, 2012; and “Paper Band,” at Jason McCoy Gallery, N.Y., July 11-August 24, 2012.

Associate Professor ABBY LILLETHUN (Fashion Studies) was included in two encyclopedia entries in press, “Bricolage,” with Annette Lynch and Mitchell Strauss, eds, in The Encyclopedia of Ethnic Clothing in the United States, Alta Mira Press, Lanham, Md., and “History of Dress and Fashion,” with Linda Welters, in Joanne Eicher, ed., Berg Encyclopedia of Fashion, Berg Fashion Library, Berg Publishers, Inc. She gave two conference presentations: “A History of World Dress: Part 2,” co-presenters Linda Welters, Joanne Eicher, Charlotte Jirousek, and Dilia Lopez-Gydosh, with abstract published in the Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the International Textiles and Apparel Association, November 14-17, 2012, Honolulu, Hawaii; and “Considering ‘Old Shiny Cloth Workers’ and Bronze Age Aegean Ritual Dress,” with abstract published in Research Abstracts of the 39th Annual Costume Society of America Symposium, May 29-June 1, 2013, Las Vegas, Nev. She presented the following lectures: “Bringing Art into Life through Batik in the West,” at the Textile Museum, Washington, DC, June 20, 2013; and “Dress in the Aegean Bronze Age: Where are We Now,” as part of the Graduate Lecture Series at Cornell University’s Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design, April 18, 2013. She was a grant reviewer for the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), and served as the Costume Society of America’s Mid-Atlantic Region Vice President, as a Planning Committee Member for their 2014 Annual Symposium to be held in Baltimore, MD, and on their National Board of Directors, Class of 2015. For the International Textile and Apparel Association, she served as adjudicator of research abstracts for their annual meeting to be held in October 2014 in New Orleans, La. She also served as a member of the Editorial Board of the  Journal of Fashion, Style, and Popular Culture.

Professor WILLIAM MCCREATH (Ceramics) was featured in a group exhibition, “East & West Clay Works Exhibition,” at the Hunterdon Art Museum, January 13-March 10, 2013.

Adjunct Instructor TOM SANFORD (Painting) held a solo exhibition, “100 Little Deaths,” at BravinLee Gallery, N.Y., December 31-2012-February 9, 2013, and was in the following group exhibitions: “Weird World,” at ISE Cultural Foundation, N.Y., March 8-April 26, 2013; and “Die Wunderkammer; Objects of Virtue,” at the Lodge Gallery, N.Y., March 21-May 1, 2013.

Professor KLAUS SCHNITZER (Photography) contributed research and photography for the book, Porsche: Origin of the Species, by Karl Ludvigsen, Bentley Publishers, September 2012. He published photo essays for Bimmer Magazine (October 2012, February 2013, and April 2013 issues) and Roundel Magazine (March 2013 issue), and contributed photography for Bimmer Magazine (May 2013 and June 2013 issues) and Vintage Motorsports Magazine (July/August 2012 issue). He presented the lecture, “Automotive Photography,” to the BMW Car Club of America and Unique Photo, March 2013.

Professor WALTER SWALES (Sculpture) held a solo exhibition, “Gone Fishing!!!” at Amos Eno Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y., April 3-27, 2013.

Adjunct Instructor MERYL TARADASH (Foundations) was in a group exhibition, “Sideshow Nation,” at Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y., January 5-March 3, 2013.

Professor ELIZABETH VALDEZ DEL ALAMO (Art History) gave a talk on her book, Palace of the Mind: The Cloister of Silos and Spanish Sculpture of the Twelfth Century (published December 2012), at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute, N.Y., February 26, 2013.

Professor ANNE BETTY WEINSHENKER (Art History) presented the papers: “The Allegorical Tomb of Locke, Boyle, and Sydenham: A Celebration of Empiricism,” at the College Art Association 2013 Annual Conference, N.Y., February 2013: and “McSwiny’s Projects: Painted and Engraved Celebrations of Science,” at the 2013 American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, April 2013. She also organized the panel, “Art within Art,” at the 2013 American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, and gave two lectures at the Morris Museum of Arts and Sciences (under the auspices of the Morris Community School): one on American folk art in October 2012, and another on The Scream by Edvard Munch in April 2013.

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School of Communication and Media

HUGH CURNUTT published “You Can’t Handle My Truth: Reality TV’s Trompe-l’oeil Effect and the (Im)possible Reality of its Participants” in the journal Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society. He presented “Performing the Real on the Jersey Shore: Shifting Labor Models in a Post-Network Era” at The New Jersey Council for the Humanities and “The Low-End Touch: Contact-Sensuousity in the Digital Age” at the annual conference of the Eastern Communication Association. He chaired the panel “Showcase of Research on Social Movements and Public Discourses” at the annual conference of the National Communication Association. Curnutt was also interviewed twice by The Record on binge television viewing and reality TV character archetypes.

ROBERTA FRIEDMAN continues her work on urban architecture and psychogeography with a series of video installations called Cosmopolis: 49 Waltzes for the World. 49 Waltzes for the Gated City was installed at both the University Film & Video Association (winning third prize in a juried exhibition of new media), and at the George Segal Gallery at MSU. This year she was invited to create another Waltz piece in Casablanca. In addition, she is producing a feature documentary film Are We Not Men? A Devo Documentary, with director and colleague ANTHONY PEMBERTON.  The film is expected to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014.  Friedman’s work "Indian Rubber Head" was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, (MOCA) L.A.; "Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A." was included in multiple shows; and she also published a film review in the Millennium Film Journal.

HARRY HAINES presented “Balancing Religious Freedom with Freedom of Speech” at the President’s Commission on Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, and Diversity at MSU on Affirmative Action Day. He also presented his work on “Aboveground and the Ally: Soldier Opposition to the Vietnam War” at The New Faces of War: A Conference for Historians and Activists. Haines was inducted into the Executive Club of the Western States Communication Association this year.

DICK HINCHLIFFE participated in a panel on “Radio Convergence” at the College Boradcaster’s Inc. (CBI) annual convention. As the manager of the radio station, Hinchliffe oversaw the move of WMSC to its new updated facilities in Schmitt Hall. He also produced interviews with media partners (WBGO, NJ News Commons, The Montclarion and others) as well as expanded news, talk, public affairs and sports coverage including live play-by-play baseball and live softball reports for WMSC.

STEVE JOHNSON participated in a panel organized by WNYC public radio in Newark that examined current trends in journalism in New Jersey and a panel at Middlesex College’s annual Writers’ Conference on trends in journalism in New Jersey. He helped organize the first "Hack Jersey" conference, sponsored by MSU’s New Jersey News Commons, and also produced five and a half hours of online video for the conference and participated in the Dodge Foundation’s New Jersey: A Laboratory for Media Innovation conference. Johnson serves as the advisor to MSU’s student newspaper, The Montclarion. He maintains an active blog on current issues in journalism.

TODD KELSHAW presented “Democratizing Campus/Community Partnerships: The Shift from “Service-learning” to “Engagement-Learning” at the annual convention of the Eastern Communication Association. At the same conference, he served as respondent to the panel, “The Confluence of Communication and Climate in the Workplace,” and chaired the panel, “Community-based Learning in an Age of Confluence: Issues and Applications.” Kelshaw was an active participant in the MSU Community-Based Participant Action Research (CBPAR) Think Tank and followed multiple webinars offered by the Peer Development Network for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification as an MSU representative.

CHRISTINE LEMESIANOU presented “Learning Unbound” at the First Annual Montclair State University Distinguished Teacher Award Lecture event sponsored by the Provost’s Office and the Research Academy for University Learning. She also presented her work on “Place-Based Education & Student Engagement: Tales from the Field” at the annual conference of the Eastern Communication Association. She led the external review of the Department of Communication at Southern Connecticut State University and provided a comprehensive review of the department’s programs and assessment efforts and recommendations for the continuous improvement of academic program quality.

LARRY LONDINO continues to work with the United States Golf Association as a member of their task force on African American Golf Archives.  He is currently editing a series of interviews he conducted with black golfers that will be part of their oral history, as well as contributing materials and expertise for a planned exhibit in February highlighting original African American golf clubs in America. He is also collaborating with PATTY PIROH on the production of a documentary about the School of Education’s Montclair-Newark Urban Residency Program.  They are completing shooting and beginning post-production. They are also producing a series of instructional videos for Mountainside Hospital, which he will be directing. 

YI LUO was the recipient of the PRIDE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Relations Education for 2012 by the National Communication Association. Her published work include: “A dialogue with social media experts: Measurement and challenges of social media use in Chinese public relations practice” in Global Media Journal (lead author), “A multilevel model linking strategic communication, sensemaking, and emotions during change” in the International Journal of Decision Sciences, and “Empowerment and internal activism during organizational change: A relocation story in China” in the International Journal of Strategic Communication (lead author). Luo also presented “Social media activism against state Charities: The case of Guo Meimei and the Red Cross Society of China” at the annual International Public Relations Research Conference and “Strategic social media management and public relations leadership: Insights from industry leaders” at the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

STEVE MCCARTHY continues to extend his activities and collaborations in the SCM with the production of a one-hour feature program for Dr. Neil Baldwin’s “The Scientific Imagination: Where do Ideas Come From” and the co-production (with David Sanders) of a two-year documentary project about a Swedish NGO Spiritus Mundi as they bring a performing arts program (Hayatuna) to orphans and disadvantaged youths in Jordan. This project engages College of the Arts' students in extensive, global collaboration. McCarthy also supervised multiple projects: a one-hour student documentary film,  American Voices, about the Cali School of Music’s Vocal Accord tour of Austria and Italy; the production by a group of students and recent graduates of four public service announcements for the Dodge Poetry Festival held in the fall of 2012 in Newark; the production of several video pieces for “An Evening For the Arts,” the signature event for the College of the Arts; and a documentary by SCM students called Overseas Neighbors which tells the story of the 60-year, sister-city relationship between Graz, Austria, and Montclair.

CHRISTOPHER MCKINLEY continues his research that examines health messages, food marketing to children, cultivation factors and viewer involvement, and information seeking. He published “Re-examining the link between cultivation factors and viewer involvement: Investigating viewing amount as a catalyst for the transportation process” in Communication Studies, “Food marketing to children on Spanish-language television” in the Journal of Health Communication (co-author), and “Health cues: A content analysis of health-related messages in food advertisements targeting children” in Health Education (co-author). McKinley also had two published entries in the Encyclopedia of Media Violence and the Encyclopedia of Health Communication. He also presented his work at the annual conference of the National Communication Association.

KARL NUSSBAUM performed his video performance piece "Hilbert Space" in November 2012 at a retrospective of his films at the Ex-Ground Film Festival in Wiesbaden, Germany, where he was also on the Jury. He was awarded two international artist residencies for summer 2013: One by M4Gastatelier in Amsterdam and, the other, at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. He also performed his video performance piece "Hilbert Space" at the closing ceremony for the International KurzFilm Festival Hamburg, June 9, 2013.

ANTHONY PEMBERTON continues his work as director/writer/executive producer on his feature film, Buddha’s Little Finger, which is an adaptation of Victor Pelevin’s Russian best-selling novel and is currently in post-production. The film has received 2.1 million euros in funding. He also continues his work as director/producer on Are We Not Men? The Devo Documentary 2013 which is the official authorized documentary about the band DEVO. The project is in the re-editing stage and will be entered into competition in the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. The project has received extensive media coverage. He also served as a panelist for the 2012-2013 Princess Grace Awards.

JOEL PENNEY published “(Re)Tweeting in the Service of Protest: Digital Composition and Circulation in the Occupy Wall Street Movement” in New Media & Society and “Visible Identities, Visual Rhetoric: The Self-Labeled Body as a Popular Platform for Political Persuasion” in the International Journal of Communication. He also presented “Responding to Offending Images in the Digital Age: Censorious and Satirical Discourses in LGBT Media Activism” at the 2013 International Communication Association conference in London, UK and began publishing an academic blog “Viral Politics.”

BEVERLY PETERSON released her latest film, a 45-minute documentary, What Killed Kevin, which focuses on workplace bullying this year. She also released the interactive transmedia documentary version, WhatKilledKevin.com. Her work has garnered national attention and coverage by the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, and Psychology Today. She continues to present her work on this topic to conferences both nationally and internationally, more recently at the University Film & Video Association conference and is involved in efforts to create legislation. Peterson also served as post-production consultant for NJTV’s 2013 American Voices and as post-production supervisor for NJTV’s 2013 One Heart. She is also part of the  two-year documentary project about a Swedish NGO Spiritus Mundi as they bring a performing arts program (Hayatuna) to orphans and disadvantaged youths in Jordan

PATTY PIROH was promoted to Associate Director of Broadcast and Digital Media Facilities in April, 2013. She directed “The Scientific Imagination,” an hour-long webcast and completed 30 Carpe Diem programs, which aired on Comcast and Cablevision. She also served as coordinating producer for the 16-program series The Giblin Report, a series that is produced for Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin, and Destination Montclair, a series produced by the Township of Montclair. Shecontinues shooting footage and interviews for a new documentary about the Montclair-Newark Urban Teaching Residency Program. 

MARC ROSENWEIG was co-producer and panelist for “Tiger and the Media: Before and After” at the third International Conference on Sport and Society. He also moderated and produced the Fall 2012 panel at the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center on “Covering the NFL” and the spring 2013 panel on “Media Coverage of Major League Baseball.” Rosenweig hosted and produced special Carpe Diem shows with content from all the panels and interviews with recipients of the Allen B. DuMont Broadcaster of the Year Award. In conjunction with the Montclair State University Global Education Center he delivered a lecture on the business of the CNBC global networks to MBA and undergraduate students visiting MSU from the University of Graz in Austria at the CNBC Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs.

DAVID SANDERS produced the promotional video and video profiles for Hayatuna Amman, an arts outreach program to orphans and refugees in Jordan run by Swedish NGO Spiritus Mundi. Sanders also served as the executive producer for the 2012 American Eagle Awards show and as producer, for the 2012 National Music Council Leadership in Music symposium and webcast. He completed his work on developing educational tools for kids that address creative property issues and his work as executive producer/concept designer for the animated video for this program, The Flying Bicycle, received a $30,000 grant from the Music Publishers Association of the United States and received a Communicator Award form the International Academy of the Visual Arts, as well as a Telly Award. Sanders also moderated a panel on the current status of Tunisia following the revolution with Professor Amel Jaidi from Manouba University in Tunis and three TVDM students and participated in a panel at the New Jersey Communication Association Conference on “Keeping Pace with Technology: Preparing for Curricular Changes and Challenges.”

SUSAN SKOOG was invited to workshop her latest feature length screenplay “Mommy” in July at the Squaw Valley Community of Writers annual conference. She produced and moderated three panels for the Montclair Film Festival Behind the Screen: Media Career Day – “On Line Content Creation”, “Producing” and “Production: Wardrobe and Sets” and coordinated for the SCM the MFF’s Underdog Film Festival in February, an all-day film festival of Academy Award-nominated short films.

LARRY WEINER wrote and produced a feature length audio drama that will be broadcast on Sirius/XM Satellite radio and a video for the 2013 Autism New Jersey fundraiser. Weiner also scripted a half-hour webisode and wrote and developed a comic book as part of a transmedia project for the Radio Repertory Company of America. He also produced the video Behind the Scenes for the Curtain Call awards.

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John J. Cali School of Music

HEATHER BUCHANAN (Associate Professor – Director of Choral Activities) formed the extracurricular women’s choir, Prima Voce, in fall 2013 for professional collaboration with Richard Alston Dance Company (UK). The MSU Chorale’s winter concert was broadcast on NJTV in December. The MSU Vocal Accord tour documentary American Voices was released in February and broadcast on NJTV in June.

ROBERT BUTTS (Adjunct Faculty – Introduction to Music) was one of five composers invited to participate in Atlanta Opera's 24-Hour Opera Project in January. He worked with librettist Ellen Frankel to create The Triangle, an opera is inspired by the Triangle Shirt Factory fire in New York early in the 20th century..

KELLY CRANDELL (Adjunct Faculty – Vocal Coach)  served as Assistant Conductor for the Manhattan School of Music's production of Kurt Weill's Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny (The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny), a production that received rave reviews in the New York Times. He is completing a new edition of Brahms' Nänie for GIA Publications, the product of a 3-year collaboration with four-time Grammy Award winning conductor Vance George.

LISA DELORENZO (ProfessorMusic Education) was awarded the Critics Choice Book Award from the American Educational Studies Association for her book, Sketches in Democracy: Notes from an Urban Classroom. In October, she presented two sessions at the National Network for Educational Renewal conference on teaching for democratic practice.

Tenor PETER GILLIS (Adjunct ProfessorVoice) collaborated this season with Canadian folk luminary Rita MacNeil in Light Up the Stage at the Savoy Theatre in Cape Breton Island, Canada.

KAREN GOODMAN (ProfessorMusic Therapy) was named to the Editorial Board of the International HETL (Higher Education, Teaching and Learning) Association. She presented at conferences in Oslo, Norway and Summit, NY. She participated in interviews on The Sound Effect (A radio show exploring the art and science of music and healing), and The Music Therapy Show with Janice Harris. Prof. Goodman continues to provide editorial consulting for Pearson, Routledge and Oxford University Press.

JOSH GROFFMAN (Adjunct ProfessorTheory) enjoyed performances of his original compositions:  music from elsewhere (for orchestra with American Composers Orchestra, DiMenna Center, NYC, and for flute at Vincennes University), No Compulsions Now (Cal State Fullerton New Music Festival), and The favorite food of fools (VoxNovus 60x60 East Coast Mix, Harvard University). He was awarded the ASCAPlus Award, was finalist for the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Awards, and received an Honorable Mention for the Indiana University Dean's Prize. He read papers at the following conferences: International Conference on Semiotics in Memory of Raymond Monelle, October 2012, Edinburgh, UK; and American Musicological Society Midwest, Fall Meeting, September 2012, Indianapolis, IN.

MARSHA HELLER (Adjunct Professor – Oboe) performed the Bach Concerto for Violin and Oboe with violinist Joseph Silverstein, former concertmaster of the Boston Symphony and the Berkshire Bach Society last winter. She also performed the Mozart Oboe Quartet with the Bronx Arts Ensemble in April, and was honored for 30 years of membership in the New York Pops.

ANDREW KAYE (Adjunct Professor – Introduction to World Music) gave two public lectures during spring semester 2013.  At the Montclair Public Library, he presented "Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring:  Why is it an icon of musical modernism?" as part of programs leading to the performance of the 4-hand piano version of the work at the Kasser theater in April.  In March, for a film series at JCC MetroWest (West Orange), Andrew made the presentation, "Music and Politics in Walk on Water (2004), a contemporary Israeli film."

SOYEON KIM (Accompanist) performed concerts and masterclasses with artists including Karl-Heinz Schütz (Principal Flutist of Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna State Opera Orchestra), Mathieu Dufour (Principal Flutist of Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Jasmine Choi (Principal Flutist of Vienna Symphony Orchestra), Stefán Höskuldsson (Principal Flutist of Metropolitan Opera Orchestra) and Eric Speller (Principal oboist of the Royal Flemish Philharmonic). She served as a competition judge for the Hazel Skaggs Competition, Hackensack, NJ.

SIOBHAN KOLKER (Adjunct Professor – Voice) appeared in NBC’s Fatal Encounters and A&E’s Celebrity Ghost Stories. Her commercial for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball aired on ESPN this spring. In February, she sang on a benefit concert for Save the Jersey Shore with baritone Richard Hobson and Montclair State colleague, accompanist RON LEVY.

KEN LAM (Associate ProfessorDirector of Orchestral Studies) led performances worldwide with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the Meridian Symphony Orchestra, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and others. He made his debut at the Luminato Festival in Toronto, Canada, with the opera Feng Yi Ting which he premiered in the US in 2012. He led a highly successful inaugural season with the Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras as their Artistic Director and was appointed Education Conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in March 2013. On the education front, he also conducted regional orchestras in New York and New Jersey as well as the conservatory orchestra at the University of Cincinnati and served as a judge at the 2013 Maryland State Solo and Ensemble Competition.

ANTHONY MAZZOCCHI  (Adjunct FacultyTrombone) was one of 217 music teachers selected from more than 30,000 nominations as a quarterfinalist for the Music Educator Award presented by the Recording Academy and the Grammy Foundation.

THOMAS MCCAULEY (Associate Professor – Director of Bands) appeared as conductor of the New Jersey All-State Wind Ensemble in February. He served on the national ensemble selection panel for the College Band Directors National Association.

LINDA MCKNIGHT (Adjunct FacultyDouble Bass) had two articles published this year in The Instrumentalist magazine.

JULIA ROLWING (Adjunct FacultyVoice) sang the lead role of Tosca for Abilene Opera in Texas in March, and in September she sang her debut of the role of Senta in Wagner's Der Fliegende Holländer for Opera Roanoke under Metropolitan Opera conductor, Steven White.

HOLLI ROSS (Adjunct FacultyVocal Jazz) performed with her vocal group, String of Pearls, to a packed house at the Metropolitan Room in NYC. She also recorded with a vocal quartet, The ADHD Singers (Holli Ross, Amy London, Darmon Meader, Dylan Pramuk) as background and featured vocals for Mark Murphy & Annie Ross. Included in the song list was Bebop Lives in which she provided the lyrics to the Miles Davis composition, Boplicity. 

HARRY SEARING (Adjunct FacultyBassoon) and ROMIE DE GUISE-LANGLOIS (Adjunct Faculty – Clarinet) performed with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center on their opening night concert in Alice Tully Hall in September. In the spring, Prof. Searing performed with the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto on the Heckelphone (a rarely performed woodwind instrument) in Richard Strauss’ Salome.

JOSEPH SMITH (Adjunct FacultyIntroduction to Music) presented a lecture-recital in September for the Frederick Collection of Historic Pianos: The Dawn of Romanticism. In December, he performed at the National Gallery of Art (all piano pieces related to the number twelve); in March, he presented a lecture-recital for the New York Society Library: Musical Portraits from Life.

GEORGE SPITZER (Adjunct FacultyVoice) performed in November with his chamber ensemble Melodeon at the Church of the Epiphany in NYC. LORI MCCANN (Assistant Professor – Voice) was a guest artist. In March, Melodeon gave a recital at the Church of the Epiphany in NYC. STEPHEN OOSTING (Associate Professor – Voice) was a guest artist. They performed the complete song cycle Gitanjali by John Alden Carpenter, as well as selections of Charles Ives and Horatio Parker. 

PETER STEWART (Adjunct Faculty – Voice) performed a variety of concerts including: a revival of Philip Glass's La Belle et la bête (premiered in Ghent, Belgium, January 13, and will continue in the US and Europe this year); a production of the medieval Play of Daniel for the 75th anniversary of the Cloisters museum in NY; sang the Brahms Requiem with the Montclair State Chorale; soloing in the Cathedral of St John the Divine (NYC) annual New Year's Eve 'Peace Concert', music of Beethoven and Mozart; and was soloist in the Mozart Requiem with the Argento Orchestra, NYC.

GWENDOLYN TOTH (Adjunct Faculty – Harpsichord) released a new organ CD, The Arp Schnitger in Noordbroekf; performed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in September on two 18th century pianos, together with her husband Dongsok Shin.

GREGG WRAMAGE (Adjunct ProfessorTheory/Composition) had his sextet, in shadows, in silence, performed in Boston twice in spring, 2013, by 3rd Sundays @ 3 and by Boston New Music Initiative. His monodrama, The Sunset Maker was premiered at the Music With a View Festival in New York.

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Department of Theatre and Design


HEATHER BENTON served as: director on Cinders (First Act), by Janusz Glowacki, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Exam Play, N.Y., Spring 2013; period movement coach on The Rivals, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, directed by Jonathan Bolt, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Company Show, N.Y, Fall 2012; movement coach on The Constant Wife, by W. Somerset Maugham, directed by Todd Peters, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Styles Play Series,  N.Y, Winter 2013; movement coach on The Prodigal, by Jack Richardson, by Barbara Rubin, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Styles Play Series,  N.Y., Winter 2013; and choreographer/ movement coach on Ring Round the Moon, by Jean Anouilh, directed by Jonathan Bolt, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Graduation Play Series, N.Y., Spring 2013.

 N  NEIL BALDWIN presented a paper the Dance History Scholars conference in Canada.

      JENNIFER CHIN taught and performed at a workshop in Florience, Italy, in July.

      LORI KATTERHENRY represented the MSU Division of Dance at the NASD conference in Tucson, Ariz., in September, 2012.  She was the recipient of a $2000 Student Research Grant to take the students to the ACDF at Hofstra University.

JULIE LAWRENCE appeared in Concussion, which played at the Sundance Film Festival, US Dramatic Competition, and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize. It was also an Official Selection at the Berlinale: Panorama. 

JIM LIGON recorded regional voice-over radio commercial for Connecticut Lottery October 2012;  performed at the Bickford Theatre in A Tuna Christmas December 2012; served as a member of the final selection panel for the NJ Young Playwrights Festival March 2013; and directed staged readings of two high school plays in the NJ Young Playwrights Festival at Kean University, May 2013.

NANCY LUSHINGTON taught in Graz, Austria, and Bolzano, Italy. She also: taught and hosted the Moving Wheels and Heels Workshop for dancers with and without disabilities; choreographed a new work Catalysis, for Marymount Manhattan College Dance Company, that was performed at Dance Theater of Harlem’s Sunday Series; and taught the Combined Audition class for Dance New Jersey at Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts. She is co-directing the first MayO’Donnell Technique Certification Workshop at The Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in June. She co-reconstructed May O'Donnell's Powers of Ten for the Montclair State University dancers and will be setting O'Donnell's Suspension on Rioult Dance Company this fall.

RANDY MUGLESTON is the resident lighting designer for Freespace Dance. The company’s 2012 NYC season was at the Salvatore Capezio Dance Theatre. He attended the annual United States Institute of Technology Conference in Milwaukee, Wis., where he is a member of the Technical Theatre Commission. He is on the task force for implementing the new CAD drafting standards. He continues to serve as a USITT mentor for technical directors working toward tenure and promotion.

BETH MCPHERSON was awarded tenure and promotion to Associate Professor. She choreographed the ballet Reiterations for the MSU dancers in the fall of 2012. She also gave presentations and/or presented papers at the following conferences: National Dance Education Organization (October 2012), Congress on Research in Dance (November 2012), and the New York Metro American Studies (December 2012). Her writing was published in the Journal of Dance Education, Attitude the Dancer’s Magazine, The Martha Hill Dance Fund Newsletter, and on the Dance Heritage Coalition website. Her book, The Bennington School of the Dance: A History in Writings and Interviews was published in May of 2013.

MOLLY RICE's site-specific traveling play The Saints Tour enjoyed a sold-out run at the River to River Festival last July, presented by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. The show was featured in The New York Times, and has been selected by Bricolage Theater Company in Pittsburgh for production in Fall 2014.  She was accepted to the Tofte Lake Playwriting Residency for a week to work on her new multimedia piece, Apps I Am Using to Feel Better Since Susan Died, in September.  She is also on the waiting list for Yaddo Writers' Colony for her musical in development, Corral.  For Pace University, she designed and wrote a new BA program for multi-genre writing, entitled 21ST Century Storytelling: Writing For Theater, Film, TV and New Media, which s awaiting full approval from the state of New York.

DEBBIE SAIVETZ served as: stage director on The Long Walk, American Lyric Theater, N.Y. January, (libretto workshop); director on Birder, New Dramatists PlayTime, N.Y., December; director, I Put the Fear of Mexico in ‘Em, MetLife Nuestras Voces Series, Repertorio Español, N.Y., 2012; stage director on La Reina, American Lyric Theater, New York, November (libretto workshop); director on Rebanadas de Vida (Slices of Life), Mexico City, Mexico, July-August; and director on Eurídice (Eurydice), Casa de los Teatros, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2012.

DIANNA SCHOENBORN finished her Linklater Designation and was hired to be the voice coach on Clive, directed by and starring Ethan Hawke and also including Vincent D'Onofrio and Zoe Kazan, at the New Group Theatre.

MAXINE STEINMAN received an MFA in Performing Arts/Dance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts, and presented Say it With Flowers, an evening length work inspired by flowers at the Martha Graham Studio in N.Y.  In addition, her work was presented by the American Dance Guild Festival and, as a guest choreographer, with Annabella Gobzalez Dance Theater.  She traveled to Israel to initiate a relationship between DanceJerusalem, Rothberg International School and Montclair State University. She taught a three-week dance intensive in Livorno, Italy, in July at the Tuscan Summer Dance Intensive. She also choreographed Women of the Sand for the Hofstra University Dance Department

SUZANNE TRAUTH continued her work with the National Science Foundation funded play iDream, which was performanced at Premiere Stages in Union, N.J., and the State Theatre in State College, Pa., in the fall 2012. Her short film Jigsaw was screened and nominated for a category award at the Paterson Falls Film Festival in May 2013.

DIANE ZAREMBA teaches classes in the Dance program and the Musical Theatre and Studio curricula. She earned a 200-hour yoga certification and incorporates the mind, body energy facets of yoga into the freeing the natural voice work. She continues to teach pilates  and yoga. She attended the Voice and Speech Trainers’ Association Conference in Washington D.C. Aside from her faculty position at Montclair State, she teaches the international students at American Musical and Dramatic Academy special classes in American Dialects.

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