"A Dedication to Realism in Sculpture and Tableaux"

New York Times Art Review of George Segal Retrospective

Reviewer Benjamin Genocchio writes:

"Much like his 19th-century realist counterparts, Mr. Segal strove in art for truth and accuracy. But whereas past realist artists sought only verisimilitude, or the creation of a simulacrum of the real, Mr. Segal excelled at portraying a “modernist humanism,” to cite the characterization by Donald Kuspit, the exhibition’s curator, writing in his catalog essay. It nicely sums up the artist’s work.

In Mr. Segal’s hands, humanism becomes a celebration of the common man, as in the artwork filling the entry area, 'Walk, Don’t Walk' (1976), on loan from the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York." Read the full review.

Further information about this exhibit is available in Montclair State University's official press release.