Theatre and Dance Days for Prospective Students

Theater Day, Dance and Other "Arts Days" For Prospective Students

Interested in a career in the theater as an actor, director or production specialist? Theater Day, taking place on Nov. 19th, is a full-day program for college-bound students interested in a major and career in Theater. The event features workshops, presentations, a production by MSU students (“Crazy for You”), and an opportunity to learn about the Theater major at MSU from students and faculty.

Dance Day on December 5th likewise is for college bound dance students interested in majoring or minoring in dance. The event features technique classes with MSU faculty, a career talk, and performance by MSU students.

The College of the Arts offers ARTS DAYS events for prospective students in dance, music, theatre, communication, broadcasting and art and design. To learn more and to register for an Arts Days event, prospective students should consult the College of the Arts website and complete the registration form. (Call 973-655-7346 for further information.)

Other Arts Days For Prospective Students

Interested in a career in the arts, broadcasting or communication studies? If so, you should attend one of the College of the Arts (CART) ARTS DAYS events. Arts Days feature participatory workshops with College of the Arts faculty, performances by MSU students, career talks, audition/interview preparation, campus tours and more. Click here to view our ARTS DAYS FLIER.