DuMont TV Center Goes High Definition

It’s a digital world out there, and Montclair State’s DuMont Television Center has climbed on board– now getting ready to produce true high definition television!  No one is happier than the Center’s director, Jeff Friedman, who is overhauling the entire facility top to bottom. Friedman credits the top-notch DuMont engineering staff, Jeff Jones and Glenn Davidson, for an impeccable digital installation.  At the DuMont Center, students can now work with the very latest in digital, high definition production equipment – from HD cameras and an HD switcher to wireless microphones and digital post production suites.  “When our talented students hit the 'real world,' they will have been trained on the same state-of-the-art technical equipment they’ll see in the industry today. This is vital” says Friedman.  “DuMont’s progressive facility will provide students with not only educational challenges, but technical solutions.”

Complementing an impressive suite of editing equipment, the new DuMont Center also includes dynamic new sets in its Studios A and B.  Its regular productions of “Carpe Diem” and “Inside MSU” now enjoy a brand new look, with on-air environments designed by nationally recognized scenic designer, Ronald Baldwin.  (Baldwin has designed for a long list of national television networks including CNN, CNBC and the Food Network.  Recently, he created the scenic for last summer’s political conventions, telecast nationally on PBS’s “News Hour” ) Add a three camera teleprompter system with news computer interface, DEKO electronic graphics, a new SONY high definition television production switcher and seven post production suites, and you get a teleproduction facility comparable to any in New York City!

While developed primarily for students, the DuMont TV Center also supports community projects, with Friedman partnering with outside entities.  His partnership with the Newark Public Schools (NPS) is one such example, with the Center’s production of "A Closer Look with Dr. Clifford Janey" in Studio A.  Newark Public Schools students receive mentoring and training during each production from Friedman and Department of Broadcasting students.  Apart from such collaborations, the Center is also made available for rental by the New Jersey and New York television production communities. (Those interested can contact Jeff Friedman at 973-655-7233 or log on to the Center’s web page at Montclair.edu/DuMontCenter.)

While the DuMont Television Center has come a long way, the high definition upgrade continues to be a work in progress.  Friedman is determined to complete DuMont's HD conversion, making the latest and greatest technology available.  Stay tuned!