Enrollment Growth and New Facilities for Design Programs

The Department of Art & Design is the largest department in MSU’s College of the Arts – in no small part due to its popular programs including Fashion Studies and other fast growing areas such as Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Animation, Filmmaking, among others.  While technology in the twenty-first century is as important to the arts as just about anything, it is critical to the design areas, which is why the Art & Design Department has poured investments into its design facilities. 

Students on campus will tell you that the Graphic Design Studio, split between College Hall and Calcia Hall, has become “state of the art.”  Equipped with 22 Macintosh G5 workstations with CD/DVD drives and 20-inch flat panel displays, the facility also has two large high-resolution scanners and a cadre of printers – one capable of printing up to 40 inches by 15 feet.  The design studio also includes a small print shop with offset press and binding capabilities.

Not to be outdone by Graphic Design, the Industrial Design lab has likewise greatly expanded, including industry standard equipment and  software for 3D computer modeling and 3-D printing used for product development, experimentation and testing.  Also keeping pace, Montclair’s animation and filmmaking facilities have made tremendous strides in its own facilities and equipment, giving students access to new cameras, computers, lights and software. 

Facilities aren’t everything but they are important tools for our students.  By no small measure, our majors in the design, animation and filmmaking areas are thriving – as are our students in the fine arts, arts education and other program areas – getting ready to make their marks as artists in the world.