Summer 09 Study Abroad Opportunities in the Arts

The Global Education Center organizes and administers a variety of study abroad programs to destinations throughout the world. Exciting opportunities exist for students to study abroad internationally for a summer, semester or year long program. Studying abroad is often reported to be the most memorable and rewarding experience of a college career.

International summer institutes and study tours are offered in conjunction with academic departments and designed by faculty with expertise in the subject area and experience in the country visited.

Below are three study abroad programs that may be of particular interest to College of the Arts students:

Montclair in Athens
Ancient Greek Civilization and Theater
June 15 – 26 in Montclair
June 28 – July 16 in Greece

With a particular focus on drama and theatre, participants in this program study the arts and culture of ancient Greece and their influence on the modern world. During a 3-week stay in Athens, they explore its 3500-year history through visits to its major archaeological sites and world-renowned museums. Students attend theatre performances at the international festivals of Athens and Epidaurus and have the opportunity to perform scenes and monologues in ancient Greek theatres. To better understand Athens in the context of Classical Greece, students visit the major sites of Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Delphi. Living in apartments that are a short walk from the Acropolis and all the attractions of central Athens, students have a full experience of Athenian life, including the many outdoor markets and delightful tavernas. The course begins on the Montclair State University campus with reading plays, looking at contemporary performances on film, and visits to New York City museums. It is followed by three weeks in Athens and culminates in a 3-day excursion by boat to explore the beautiful island of Spetses, renowned for its picturesque villages and wonderful sandy beaches.

Montclair in Nice
French Language and Civilization
June 29 – July 29, 2009

Explore the fusion of text and image, in journal fashion, through painting on location, drawing, photography, video, the written word. Final result will be a first edition, published hardbound book depicting each student’s experience. Program will include readings, museum visits, lectures, on-location notational observations, discussion of music, literature, art, and the French experience.

Montclair in Siena
Focus on Italian Civilization and the Arts
July 21 – August 21, 2009

This program includes six days of faculty-led study tour and four weeks in the medieval city of Siena. Students will visit historical sites in Milan, Parma, Rome, Florence and especially Siena, with a special focus on the themes of time, the living links of the present to the past, and the role of arts throughout the history of those cities. Numerous faculty-led excursions will give students a personal view, expanding upon their academic coursework, and will include archaeological museums, Siena’s Duccio, Correggio’s sites, and the Vatican Museum, among others. From their home base of Siena, students will visit Florence and will have the opportunity to explore the Tuscan countryside. The stay in Siena culminates with the Palio, the centuries-old horse race that takes place twice a year in the heart of the ancient city.

Recent and current study abroad trips (look out for them next year!):

Montclair in London
Theatre Scenes
Mid March Spring Break

This Spring Break, students will learn about the professional production process in a variety of theatrical venues in New York, New Jersey, and London. In London, the students will participate in workshops, discussions, and backstage tours.

Montclair in London
Art and Design
January 09

This January, students were provided with a wealth of experiences leading to an understanding of contemporary British design specifically, and graphic design within a global context in general. This program included faculty-led excursions to the Belgian city of Bruges.

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