Dr. Nell Irvin Painter Becomes First Artist-in-(virtual) Residence of the Creative Research Center

After a lifelong distinguished career in academia, Dr. Nell Irvin Painter, professor emerita of history at Princeton University decided to fulfill her dream of going to art school.  Working this spring towards her MFA in Painting at the Rhode Island School of Design, Painter created 10 commissioned graphic art works to commemorate the launch of the Creative Research Center (CRC.)  “These works serve as an important visual component to the Center’s webpage.” Said Dr. Neil Baldwin, the Center’s director. In her “Artist’s Statement,” (linked on the web site’s  home page) Painter states: “the ten art works . . . echo key notions in the CRC’s mission: to create, stimulate, reinvigorate, drive, mediate, cross over, explore, enlist, cultivate, collaborate, and link.” (See the full Artist’s Statement for insight into the artist’s thought process and technique.)

Painter created the art works for the CRC while simultaneously completing her monumental and provocative study, The History of White People, published by W.W. Norton in March. Reviewed on the front page of The New York Times Book Review on March 28th, the book has hit the Times’s extended best-seller list in nonfiction. In the past several weeks, Painter has appeared on NPR’s Talk of the Nation, The Colbert Report, and ABC News with Diane Sawyer, among others. The History of White People is a mind-expanding and myth-destroying exploration of the notions of white race – not merely as skin color but also as a signal of power, prestige and beauty.  The Creative Research Center is proud to include Dr. Painter’s work as a component of its interdisciplinary offerings.

For more information about Dr. Nell Irvin Painter: www.nellpainter.com