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The College of the Arts produces more than 500 performances, exhibitions and speaker events annually. Find out all that’s happening on a given day or see what’s planned within your area of interest

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College of the Arts All Events


Peak Performances

Presents major world and U.S. premieres featuring some of the boldest and most provocative theater directors, choreographers and composers working today.

Box Office: 973-655-5112

John J. Cali School of Music – Music Concerts

Presents over 150 concerts annually including performances by students, faculty and guest artists. Information: 973-655-7263

Dept. of Theatre & Dance – Theatre & Dance Series

Presents seven to ten annual dance, drama and musical theatre productions, performed by our students. Information: 973-655-5112


George Segal Gallery

Presents six exhibitions annually including works of major American and international artists; a permanent display of the works of George Segal; plus an annual exhibition of MSU students. Also offers tours and workshops. Admission free. Information:b 973-655-3382

MFA Gallery

Presents solo and group exhibitions of works by MSU students who are enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts program. Information: 973-655-4074


Art Forum / Art Talks

Weekly program featuring artists, designers, art historians and art critics who present and engage the audience in open discussion. Information: 973-655-7294

Events for Prospective Students

Arts Days and Open Houses

Events to introduce prospective students to programs in the College of the Arts; generally featuring a college overview; participatory workshops; student performances; career talks; audition/interview preparation; and campus tours. Information: 973-655-7346