N.Y. Times’ article reviews Prof. Maxine Steinman’s performance in Dance Festival

Dance teacher performs May 1 at West Village center for the arts

A performance by Maxine Steinman, choreographer and assistant professor of modern dance at Montclair State University, at the WestFest Dance Festival May 1 made the front page of The New York Times’ Arts section.

The festival offered a site-specific performance sampler in which audience members were treated to nine performances as they made their way through the corridors of the Westbeth Center for the Arts, a West Village artists’ housing complex.

“Stairwells, basement, roof, garden — you name it, someone was dancing in it,” Times’ reviewer Claudia La Rocca states.

Steinman and a second dancer, Columbine Macher, performed to a looped recording of Tiptoe Through the Tulips in a little mosaic-tiled chamber.

“Pulling long trains of stretchy fabric up and through their legs, and sliding between zaniness and high drama, they might have been Martha Graham imitators on laughing gas,” La Rocca writes.

Each performance piece lasted about five minutes but, together, afforded a sumptuous visual experience.

“Even if most of the WestFest creations were slight sketches, the cumulative effect of encountering performance in Westbeth’s idiosyncratic nooks and crannies was marvelous,” she said.

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