Congratulations 2011 Cali School Graduates and Award Recipients

Montclair State University’s College of the Arts will hold its Convocation ceremony on Saturday, May 14, at the University’s Amphitheater. Byron Pitts, multiple Emmy Award-winning journalist who’s currently chief national correspondent for CBS News with Katie Couric and contributing correspondent to 60 Minutes, will receive an honorary Doctor of Letters degree. Scott Schneider, owner and president of Full Production Services (FPS), a special event-production company based in South Jersey, will receive the Leonardis Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award.

The College of the Arts congratulates its graduating students and all 2011 Cali School Graduates and Award Recipients!

Academic Recognition Award
Peter Abazia

Excellence in Band Award
Raymond Carega 

Emily McDonald

Excellence in Jazz Award
Jessica Fleming

Excellence in Chorus Award
Kristen Briggs

Martin Sedek

Paige Sandusky

Excellence in Orchestra Award
Chryselle Angderson

Outstanding Performance Award
Ashley Grutta

Rachel Hershy

Outstanding Graduate Performance Award
Benjamin Brody

Outstanding Undergraduate Composer Award
Thomas Oltarzewski

Outstanding Graduate Composer Award
Martin Sedek

Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Martin Sedek

Yi-Ying Lin

Outstanding Student Teacher Award
Jessica Berube

Nora Kiefer

Elaina Frissell

Outstanding Graduate Music Education Award
Nicholas Rosolanko

David Ott Scholarship for Outstanding Music Therapist
Mary Carter

David Ott Fellowship for Outstanding Music Therapist (Graduate)
Wone Juhn

David Ott Scholarship for Outstanding Music Therapist Intern
Paul Kates

Benjamin F. Wilkes Scholarship
Mia Pafumi

Lucille Oliva Award
Benjamin Cooper

Presser Scholarship
Mary Carter

Music Teachers National Association Award
Benjamin Cooper

Cento Amici Award
Ashley Grutta
Christopher Johnson

The Cali School Writing Award
David Kingsnorth

The Cali School Service Award
Elaina Frissell

Thomas J. Randazzo Award
Jonathan Ross

Sallie Finnie McCann Memorial Scholarship Award
Matthew DeMarco

Thomas and Michelle Wilt Scholarship
Taylor Kurilew

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2011 Collegiate Honor Award
Emmanuel Cruz

Matthew Skouras

Sigma Alpha Iota 2011 Collegiate Honor Award
Molly Arney

College of the Arts Advisory Board Scholarship Award
Mary Carter

Dean’s Scholar/Artist Award
Peter Abazia