College of the Arts Celebrates the Accomplishments of its Faculty and Students

With a deep commitment to artistry and scholarship, College of the Arts faculty create, produce, perform, exhibit, and publish new works that help distinguish the University as a "center for the creation of new knowledge."

Here are just a few examples of FACULTY achievements. . .

In the Department of Art and Design, Scott Gordley completed three major painting commissions including a portrait from live sittings of renowned stage and screen actor James Earl Jones.   Kaled Hameide published Fashion Branding Unraveled (Fairchild, February 2011). Catherine Bebout, Carole Wong Chesek, Eileen Foti, Nancy Goldring, Karen Guancione, Julie Heffernan, Pat Lay, Walter Swales and Meryl Taradash participated in solo and group exhibitions at major galleries and museums in the U.S. and abroad.  Read more “People Spotlights” from the Department of Art and Design by clicking here (scroll down to the Faculty section).

David Sanders, new chair of the Department of Broadcasting, produced and hosted the National Music Council’s 30th annual American Eagle Awards with Nile Rodgers, Peter Yarrow, and Paquito D’Rivera, and participated in the International Music Council's World Forum on Music, focusing on Intellectual Property Issues and Music and Social Change. Beverly Peterson received a Global Education award her that allowed to complete a documentary about the extraordinary fieldwork of pioneering NPR journalist Maria Martin, as she provides training to indigenous journalists who are the main link between their villages and the global community.  Larry Londino was named to a task force to establish a repository for documents related to the history of African Americans in golf, sponsored by the U.S. Golf Association.  Marc Rosenweig’s survey of sports media ethics standards with 111 sports media professionals has been widely published on sports media sites and Patricia Piroh served as coordinating producer for the series, The Giblin Report.  Read more “People Spotlights” from the Department of Broadcasting by clicking here (scroll down to the Faculty section).

In the Department of Communication Studies, Hugh Curnutt presented a paper, Disavowing Desire and Sexting’s Remediation of Teenage sexuality, at the annual conference of the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society.  Harry Haines served as a panelist on Design Trends for the Mirroring of Media and Education Facilities, sponsored by the Broadcast Education Association; and Todd Kelshaw presented Service-learning in political organizations: Risks and opportunities for educational institutions and students on a panel at the annual conference of the New Jersey Communication Association.  Christine Lemesianou presented Web 2.0 in communication classrooms: Reflective pedagogical practices for reflective learning at the annual conference of the National Communication Association. Read more “People Spotlights” from the Department of Communication Studies by clicking here (scroll down to the Faculty section).

In the John J. Cali School of Music, Brian Abrams recently published a theoretical paper in Arts in Psychotherapy, proposing a way of understanding music in the context of music therapy, while Heather Buchanan, David Witten and Robert Aldridge were featured on a trio of recently released music CDsJeffrey Gall received a Fulbright Traditional Scholar Award to teach in Argentina and Robert Aldridge was composer in residence at the Brevard Music Festival this past summer.  Read more “People Spotlights” in the Cali School of Music by clicking here (scroll down to the Faculty section).

In the Department of Theatre and Dance, Suzanne M. Trauth co-edited an anthology, Katrina on Stage: Five Plays (Northwestern University Press), with a former department colleague Lisa S. Brenner.  Elizabeth McPherson received The American Association of University Women’s (AAUW) 2011-’12 American Fellowship to complete her latest book Voices from the Bennington School of the Dance (1934-42), and Maxine Steinman performed at the WestFest Dance Festival, as featured in The New York Times. Read more “People Spotlights” from the Department of Theatre and Dance by clicking here (scroll down to the Faculty section).

To turn the spotlight on the above and other faculty accomplishments, the College launched its inaugural CART Faculty Research Symposium last April to call attention to the research being conducted by arts faculty.  Andrew Atkinson (Art and Design), showed his photographic work and discussed “Toward a PhD in the Visual Arts: How the Visual Arts Contain Cultural Knowledge,” and Scott Richards (Music) played selections from his work and discussed “Issues that Arise When Straddling the Disparate Worlds of Musical Theatre and Opera.”

STUDENT achievements . . .

Achievements by College of the Arts students are also getting their due in the limelight. Last spring, students in the College of the Arts participated for the first time in the fifth annual Montclair State University Student Research Symposium. In fact, presentations by two students from the College were adjudged to be the best in show. Kristen Hariton was adjudged Best Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Presentation for “The evolution of dramaturgy through technology: The Grapes of Wrath,” and Angeliki Sergonis was awarded Best Interdisciplinary Graduate Presentation for “Brancusi's Bird in Space and defining ‘Art.’ ” 

This year’s sixth-annual Montclair State University Student Research Symposium will be held on April 22.

Read the article here about the launch of the faculty symposium. Read the article about the student symposium, as well as a list of award winners, here.