Art and Design Professors Head to South Korea for University's Dual-degree Program

Changing of the guard at the Seoul Imperial Palace Museum.

Professor John Luttropp and Assistant Professor Kyeong-Won Youn, of the Department of Art and Design/Graphic Design, travelled to Seoul, South Korea this summer to make presentations at several schools and initiate the department's new 1+2+1 Dual BFA Degree program with Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech).

The new program allows Korean students to spend their first year at SeoulTech, then study two years at Montclair State and complete their last year back at their mother institution. With successful completion at both institutions, graduates receive two BFA degrees — one from SeoulTech and one from Montclair State. Students from Montclair State are also eligible to complete the program, mirroring the sequence of study.

“The program opens up new opportunities for global study for both our majors and those in Korea," said Professor Luttropp. "Having SeoulTech students at Montclair State will help our majors from the NY/NJ region gain further perspectives to the ever-increasing world presence of design.”

Students from both Graphic Design and Industrial Design are eligible for the program.

In addition to SeoulTech, Professors Luttropp and Youn also visited Dankook and Hansung Universities to make presentations on Montclair State and foster global exchange. Professor Luttropp lectured on “American Graphic Design of the 20th Century" at SeoulTech and Hansung Universities, and both professors hosted student workshops on graphic design at SeoulTech.

In addition to the university visits, they also toured two top Korean graphic and industrial design studios, meeting with the principals of each firm. They also participated in a workshop with Professor Seoung Sook Nah, chair of SeoulTech’s graphic design program, at her Bukchon Bongsan Arts Center in the city’s historic district, where they learned the art of traditional Korean lacquerware. Visits to museums were also part of their 10-day itinerary, and here they learned about the history of the city of Seoul, the development of the Korean written language, Korean architecture and costume, and the history of printing in Korea.

The trip was funded by a grant from Montclair State’s Global Education Center.