Spring 2014 Schedule

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Spring 2014 Schedule

January 27-31
“Drawings and Installations”
Amanda Hart and  Irena Pejovic
Drawings and Installation


February 3-7
“Gallery Show”
Carl Glasemeyer
Construction and Food Materials


February 10-14
Natasha Jozi & & Daniel Morowitz


February 17-21
John Ryan


February 24-28
Alexandra Schoenberg
Multi Media 


March 3-7
 “World of a Sacred-Bastard”

Brian Haverlock
Video/Film Installation


March 17-21
Kristopher Philips and Feifei Yang
Mixed Mediums


March 24-28
Jeremy Bell  & Vazquez


March 31- April 4
 “Interspecies Dialogs”
Dana Hemes
Mixed Media with Living Organisms


April 7-11
Stephen Douglass

Mixed Media


April 14-18
”Bessie Hug Machine”
Teresa Braun
Daddy Selfie, Bessie the Pig


April 21-25
 “Other Perceptions”
Christine Soccio & Jacqueline Walsh
Installation and Photography