Spring 2007 Schedule

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Spring 2007 Schedule

1/15 - 1/21
Jon Baretz-

A flea market where people succumb to their own demons.

1/22 - 1/28
Owen Oertling

Sculpture using the figure's joints as pivotal and functional emphasis. They engage the viewer's sense of similarity and difference to the sculpture

1/29 - 2/4
Linda Talaga and Friends

It's a surprise!!

2/5 - 2/11
Ahni Kruger-
Paintings, Drawings

2/12 - 2/25
Jamie Allen-

Painting and collages that incorporate ideas of the body: memory and anxieties through the inspiration of the internal and external landscape. My works are fragments from a larger whole and are reconstructed together to create a new whole; a whole of self, and existence.

2/26 - 3/4 and 4/16 - 4/22
Suzanne Russo-

Paintings, sculpture and photographs that metaphorically represent life cycles; a representation of a passage of time that tests ideas of scale and memory.

3/5 - 3/11
Elizabeth Sowell-Zak-

My work is inspired by the unspoken language beyond verbal conversation, as expressed unknowingly through body language, a "look," inflection of the voice or that of unconscious action. I am fascinated by what may be revealed of such communication and the connection it has to our culture. Through my work I attempt to express the vulnerability and power this communication beyond conversation can have and how such expression may reflect individual characteristics as reflected back through popular culture.

Saraivy Orench Reinat-
Janet Rente

3/12 - 3/25
Sam Knapp-

Molding paper, folding corners, creating edges, drops of water; a grid appears, structures in question, residence, here and there a view from within.

3/26 - 4/1
Lee Bee Koenemund-
News Genres, Multimedia, Mixed Media and Traditional Media

4/2 - 4/8
Pierre McGuffie-

Myths, suppositions and conversations . . . what holds them up?

4/8 - 4/14
Linda Talaga-
 "Beautifully Interesting" artist dresses.

4/16 - 4/22
Conner Goodman-

Paintings, Drawings and digital prints deal with mortality, self-discovery and 2% low fat milk.
Suzanne Russo-
Scott Beil-
Paintings that involve the deconstruction and reconstruction of subjects.

4/23 - 4/29
Jamie Evans

Multi-material sculpture looks at the transitional object in the context of art and agricultural America