Virtual Gallery

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Enjoy the Art Connections Virtual Gallery! 

1. Drawing

2. Photography

3. Printmaking

4. Sculpture

Virtual Gallery Guidelines

  1. Access
    1. To access the Virtual Gallery please go to the George Segal Gallery Home Page by clicking this link:
    2. Click the Art Connections 12 logo.  This will lead you to the Virtual Gallery site.
    3. Click the mediums above you would like to review which leads to the images for this medium.
    4. Below each image are basic information that begins with a unique CODE followed by the artist, title, medium, size and price.  Please note down all information found below the image including the CODE. 
    5. Proceed to the Purchase Process to make a purchase or reserve a work.
  2. Purchase Process
    1.  Call the Segal Gallery contacts designated in Guideline (C) to reserve or purchase a work which could be done in person, by phone or email which will be noted on a first come first served basis.
    2. Gallery contact will confirm your reservation or purchase by email noting the number your call came in.
    3. The desired work may be reserved for two days after which the Gallery will alert you to make a decision to purchase or cancel.
    4. No response or cancellation will be confirmed via email by the Gallery and the next caller will be alerted for possible purchase and will be served the same reservation limit. 
    5. Purchase by Visa or Master credit card acceptable via the phone; mailed check to the address below, or if cash – in-person only.  Checks are to be written as follows: MSU Foundation/Segal Gallery.
    6. The George Segal Gallery reserves the right to retain purchased works until the exhibition closes.  Gallery staff will confirm an appropriate pickup date prior to closing.
    7. Purchased work will be adequately wrapped.  Further information for safe handling of the work will be initiated by Gallery staff as needed. Your receipt and Certificate of Authenticity will be mailed to you or picked up in person.
  3. Contacts
    1. Designated Gallery contacts are as follows:
      Teresa Rodriguez, (973) 655-5113.
      Andrea F. Marshall, (973) 655-7640
    2. George Segal Gallery address:  1 Normal Ave., Montclair, NJ 07043 ATTN: George Segal Gallery Art Connections 12