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BS/MD Medical program with Rutgers University (7-year program)

General Information

Montclair State and Rutgers University offer a combined program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree at Montclair State and the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at Rutgers. Its purpose is to permit highly qualified high school students to complete the required courses for baccalaureate and medical degrees in a seven-year sequence.


Qualified high school seniors whose SAT combined verbal and mathematical scores are 1400 or higher in one test sitting may apply.

Admission is limited to citizens or permanent residents of the United States who have satisfied secondary school requirements in English, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. Of importance in evaluating an applicant’s credentials are his/her high school grade point average, rank-in-class (first 10%), and letters of recommendation from high school teachers. College Board SAT verbal and mathematical scores of at least 1400 from a single test administration must also be submitted.

Incoming freshmen who meet the application criteria below may apply. Transfer students are not eligible for the BS-MD program. Students must be US citizens or permanent residents, but need not be New Jersey residents.

Application Process

Students apply to Montclair State University by December 1. During the regular admissions process, students complete a survey form on the application indicating interest in the program. To be eligible, students must be admitted to Montclair State and to the Honors Program. Of these, students who fulfill the initial criteria (1400 combined SAT score, upper 10% of high school class or GPA>3.6 if no class rank available, US citizen or permanent resident) are forwarded to the Department of Biology for further evaluation. Highly qualified candidates are forwarded to Rutgers for evaluation and selection for interviews.

Participation in the Program

The Seven-Year Program requires three years of full-time study at Montclair State in an approved accelerated major program, followed by four years of full-time study in the Medical Education Program at Rutgers.

All students accepted into the Seven-Year Program must enroll in the Honors Program at Montclair State. Each selected student is assured of a place in the medical school once he or she has successfully completed the requirements of the program at Montclair State. The undergraduate degree from Montclair State for those in the Seven-Year Program will be bestowed on each student after successful completion of the first year of the medical program.

This program is available for qualified students who plan to major in one of the following at Montclair State: Biology, Molecular Biology, or Biochemistry. The program of study includes a minimum of one year of Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics. A minimum grade of B in each of the required science courses is required. Further, all Montclair State curriculum requirements for graduation, including the completion of requirements for an honors degree and degree program requirements for the respective majors, must be completed with a cumulative grade point average of 3.40 or better in order to continue in the combined program.

Students who are not admitted to the program or who are admitted but do not maintain the required GPA are welcome to apply to medical schools through the traditional route. More information on that process is available to Montclair State students from our premedical advisors (see advisor page for contact information).