Photo of ariel view of campus buildings.

Executive Order 14

Executive Order Number 14 supersedes Gov. Corzine’s EO1 and Gov. Codey’s EO65. Instead of requiring detailed disclosures of financial and business interests, EO14 asks trustees to fill out a conflict-of-interest form while referring to a complete list of vendors to the University.

Below is a link to the University’s current vendor list. It lists vendors alphabetically, and you can search it for any key word by using the “Find” field on top. The University will update its vendor list on a quarterly basis and provide copies to both trustees (via this website) and the State Ethics Commission.

Trustees must annually file a fillable pdf conflict-of-interest form by May 15. The State will charge a fee of $50 for every day the form is late. Trustees should also provide the University with a copy of their form to maintain in the Board’s files.