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Special Study Abroad Info Session 2

October 17, 2013, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Location Student Center and Annex - 411
SponsorGlobal Education CenterCostFREEMore Information InGlobal Education
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11:00 am - Budgeting Tips for Study Abroad: Saving, Raisin and Winning $
Think you don’t have enough money to study abroad? Do you think studying abroad is out of your reach financially?  Well, come and learn how you can prepare a budget as we uncover the real cost of study abroad.  Factors to be discussed will be program and destination selection, comparing costs abroad to a semester on campus, creating a budgeting timeline for before and during your time abroad and other tried and tested tips for saving and raising funds for study abroad used by students.

12:00 pm - Exchange Programs Informatory Session: Learn how to Study Abroad with a partner university program and pay Montclair State University tuition. All financial aid is eligible. 

1:00 pm - Montclair-Graz Sister City Scholarship Session
Spend a full academic year in Graz, Austria at one of three partner universities on full scholarship which includes full tuition, fees, room, board and a stipend.

2:00 pm - Taking Your Diversity Abroad:  Study Abroad for All
Come and view excerpts from films highlighting the impact of study abroad on a group of students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, adult students and those with dependents.  Returned study abroad students and staff from the Global Education Center will be available to discuss the possibilities available for you.

Please sign up for sessions of interest in advance here.