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Move-in Day - Freshmen and Transfer Students

August 31, 2014, All Day
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Move-In day is approaching fast!  The Office of Residence Life is here to help you start planning for your upcoming transition to Red Hawk Country.

Move-in Day Schedule:

  • Sunday, August 31 is move-in day for First-year Freshmen and Transfers.

(Note:  Returning Students will move in on Tuesday, September 2.)

What Should I bring?

Wondering what to bring on move-in day?  Check out our "What to Bring, What Not to Bring" list.

What You Need On Move-In Day

  1. Check-In Pass (This pass has been mailed and emailed to all residents).
  2. Golden Ticket* (See information below for the qualifications for a Golden Ticket*).
  3. MSU Student ID Card.

Where Do I Check In?

At each residence hall there will be Hall Raiser Volunteers and move in carts to assist with the Check-In Process.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a University Police Officer.


Upon entering the unloading area you will have approximately 10 minutes to unload your vehicle.  Staff members and volunteers will be on site to assist you with the check-in process.

Golden Tickets

*Golden Tickets are given to students who have:

  1. Signed the Residence Dining & License Agreement.
  2. Paid their Fall 2014 bill in full (or are enrolled in a payment plan) on WESS.
  3. Submitted their immunization records to the University Health Center.
  4. Add their Emergency contact Info on WESS. 

Once all four (4) steps are completed, students can expect the Golden Ticket to be emailed by late August.