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New Jersey’s Best Kept Secret: “Biodiversity”

March 17, 2015, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location Science Hall - 102 the Sokol Room
Posted InCollege of Science and Mathematics
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New Jersey is a state where biota from the north and south meet their geographic limits. This clash of biologic titans creates a diversity windfall: 84 Threatened and Endangered species find safe haven in New Jersey. Mr. Rothauser will technically delineate why, amongst all others, New Jersey is the most biodiverse state in the country! Attendees of this 45-minute presentation will learn how the three northern Geophysiographic provinces make it all happen. This is a must-see program for geologists, environmental consultants, and academics looking to further their knowledge of the vast New Jersey landscapes as they relate to endemic biodiversity. Mr. Rothauser also will review the history and advancement of New Jersey Land Use Law that governs the exceptional resource value species found here. As a professional natural history photographer, Mr. Rothauser guarantees this will be the quickest 45-minute lecture you ever attended, as you enjoy the panoply of New Jersey’s “deep ecology” that he refers to as “NJ’s Best Kept Secret.”

About Blaine Rothauser, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

Mr. Rothauser is a Senior Natural Resource Specialist with GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., specializing in Threatened and Endangered (T&E) species analysis and environmental impact studies. He is a professional conservation biologist with over 26 years of experience in wetland ecology and conservation management of natural resources. Mr. Rothauser is well-versed in the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP’s) Wetland, Floodplain, CAFRA, Water Quality Management, Highland, and Pineland Act Rules. He has performed and overseen numerous wetland and floodplain delineations for a wide range of private and public sector clients throughout the state. Mr. Rothauser’s primary interest is in rare spcies community structure as it relates to the Geophysiographic porvinces of New Jersey. Mr. Rothauser has prepared and successfully submitted over 100 rare species reports to the Land Use Element of NJDEP.

GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. is an environmental consulting and geotechnical engineering firm with 27 offices in the United State, including Fairfield, New Jersey.