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October 5, 2017, 6:30 pm - 9:00 am
Location Calcia Hall - 135
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Kickie Chudikova is an Industrial Designer born in Bratislava, currently living and creating in New York City. Alongside her work as Senior Industrial Designer for Karim Rashid, she has developed her own line of products, Kickie Design. Fascinated by new technology and influenced by the arts, Kickie is in constant search for unique balance. Passionate when making and producing with her own hands as she does in 3D software. A color believer striving for perfection & simplicity with big attention to detail. Kickie learned from the best in the field. At University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Prof. Hartmut Esslinger taught her to rethink paradigms in order to create innovative solutions. Karim Rashid in NY, strengthened her ability to quickly generate beautiful objects and understand production methods and costs. She believes advanced technology, environmental caution and attractive shape is the winning combination for designing objects that can significantly improve our world.