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Philosophy for Lunch

November 16, 2017, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Location Schmitt Hall - 104
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November 16: Art as a practice of freedom in Hegel’s Aesthetics


Schmitt Hall, Room 104

Does art have a purpose? What is its purpose, if so? What are we doing when we make art? In his Lectures on Aesthetics, G.W.F. Hegel suggests that art-making is one of the primary ways through which we make senses of ourselves and our world. Art, according to Hegel, is a special way of sense-making in that it requires and entails the transformation of natural material—what we call a medium. And by way of taking up some bit of natural medium and transforming it in this way, Hegel suggests, not only are we teaching ourselves that we are free from nature’s claims, but also, we actually become, free. Join us for this week’s Philosophy for Lunch as we look at select passages from Hegel’s Aesthetics in order to get a clearer understanding of his account of art-making as a practice of freedom. (Robison)

Thursdays - 11:45AM–12:45 PM

What is P4L?
Students and professors close-read and discuss a few great passages of philosophy.

Who's invited?
No preparation or previous knowledge of philosophy is needed. Everyone is welcome!

Should I bring anything?
Bring a beverage, and if you're hungry, bring your actual lunch.

Brought to you by the Department of Philosophy at Montclair State University

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